ENGINEER-TO-ORDER ERP SOFTWARE SOLUTION Made for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers

No more juggling a bunch of spreadsheets or managing multiple point solutions that forces users to rekey information manually, resulting in errors. Get a clear picture of profitability for every step of every engineer-to-order (ETO) project, with a unified software platform that offers actionable information across departments, in real time, all the time.

Comprehensive business management software created for eto manufacturers

HEADSTART for ETOs delivers a unified platform that connects your processes and activities involved in selling, designing, manufacturing, shipping, and servicing your ETO product in one, user-friendly solution. Address 80 percent of your business requirements with our single set of configurations, application extensions and minor process changes based on industry best practices.

Made specifically for small to midmarket engineer-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), and configure-to-order (CTO) manufacturers, HEADTSTART for ETO, powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central software, can be deployed in as little as 12 weeks. Benefit from years of experience with an implementation that emphasizes speed-to value, risk mitigation, and complete visibility and control throughout the project to help you avoid unjustifiable costs and delays. 


Make Your Technology
Work for You

Eliminate bottlenecks and information silos by making data available across the organization, from engineers, to sales to machine operators, all the way through shipping. HEADSTART for ETO delivers a software solution made for your engineer-to-order manufacturing process and a well-aligned roadmap of additional capabilities that can support your business far into the future.

HEADSTART engineer-to-order ETO software for D365 BC

With the Sikich HEADSTART for Engineer-to-Order SOFTWARE Solution, You can:

Review project performance through metrics that matter to you and your customers

Make accurate project completion estimates every time

Estimate projects and calculate costs before they turn into jobs, without impacting BOMs and production workflows

Keep projects moving forward when change orders occur with equipment change management

Offer flexible, complete, accurate and timely billing based on project milestones, percentage completion, and time and materials

Improve customer satisfaction by improving quality management and minimize material or financial waste

Set-up, track and schedule service contracts

Manage equipment maintenance and warranty services and dispatch technicians with the right skills to customer sites

Save big by eliminating disparate, specialized software solutions

HEADSTART engineer-to-order ETO software for D365 BC


Take engineering and production excellence to the next level with out-of-the-box extensions and application accelerators, made specifically for ETO, CTO, and MTO manufacturers. 

Project Accounting

Easily monitor costs and revenue related to your jobs. Flexibly adjust project structures to accommodate multiple purchase orders, specific billing milestones, and other conditions.


Provide accurate estimates for project completion. Estimate projects before they turn into jobs and calculate costs without impacting real BOMs and production workflows.

Project Material Management

Supports the most complex and challenging bills of material (BOM). Plan material purchases directly to a job or to stock.

Engineering Change Management

Easily accommodate engineering change requests and automate BOM updates and new project requirements.

Quality Control

Define quality metrics for your products and product components and pinpoint variances in the manufacturing workflow.


Manage the entire life of your accounts. Track and store product details, contracts, communications, promises, approvals, and other elements of customer engagements.

Predictive & Scheduled Maintenance

Set up and manage service contracts, track service histories and upcoming scheduled services. Manage warranty services and other service work.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Improve logistics and manage stock across your warehouse with process shipping, receiving, and picking straight from your mobile device.

Mobile Shop Floor Data Entry

Enable machine operators to quickly input time, material, quality and more from their mobile device.


Plan engagements with shipping carriers, costs, and schedules together with production activities.

AutoCAD integration

Transfer BOM and routing information from your AutoCAD system to HEADSTART for ETO.

Vendor Performance

Manage each subcontractor as if it were an in-house operation.


Sikich’s HEADSTART methodology ensures predictable, repeatable deployment success and a short time-to-benefits with a preconfigured set of industry-best practices. Addressing much of the complexity, difficulty, and risk of deploying new business applications, HEADSTART leverages over 35 years of successful ERP and CRM software deployments for ETO, MTO, and CTO manufacturers.


Take a wholistic approach to your digital transformation journey with a partner that delivers a comprehensive collection of essential services to future-proof your business.

engineer-to-order (eto) software

We offer a comprehensive range of essential services, from ERP selection to business change management, deployment and integration, to ongoing support.

Empower people in all roles to make faster, better decisions.

Create the best possible value from your most important relationships and ensure their longevity.

Simplify technology management with powerful expert support that delivers to your top priorities.

From compliance and security assessments to investigating attacks and mitigating noncompliance risks, we’re in your corner.

Scale resources as your company grows, reduce infrastructure costs and space requirements, and access software capabilities and data from anywhere, at any time.

Make Customer Care Your Competitive Advantage

HEADSTART for Engineer-to-Order includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to help you manage and nurture your customer relationships throughout the entire life of your accounts. Your customers will benefit from a seamless relationship experience and more flexible, individualized approach to sales, service, and marketing that keeps them coming back for more.

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