ENGINEER-TO-ORDER ERP SOLUTION Made for Small and Medium Size Manufacturers

Efficiently and effectively assess project status and see how they perform against financial forecasts, committed budgets, and schedules without breaking the bank.

Comprehensive business management system created for ETO for midmarket manufacturers

Designed to make your life easier, Sikich’s HEADSTART for Engineer-to-Order, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, provides extensive functionality across project management, finance, sales, services, quality management, equipment maintenance, supply chain, and even engineering change management, that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Your team can focus on what they do best, while becoming more agile and informed with insight and visualization tools that help make sense of business data to answer questions and fuel decisions.

Make Your Technology Work for You

You should be able to find a software solution that is a better match for your company than disparate, specialized applications, or a top tier ERP system that costs millions of dollars and takes months to deploy. Do away with spreadsheets and multiple, specialized software tools with a solution that unifies the processes involved in designing, manufacturing, shipping, and servicing your products.

With the Sikich HEADSTART for Engineer-to-Order Solution, You can:

Review project performance through metrics that matter to you and your customers

Make accurate project completion estimates every time

Estimate projects and calculate costs before they turn into jobs, without impacting BOMs and production workflows

Keep projects moving forward when change orders occur with equipment change management

Offer flexible, complete, accurate and timely billing based on project milestones, percentage completion, and time and materials

Improve customer satisfaction by improving quality management and minimize material or financial waste

Set-up, track and schedule service contracts

Manage equipment maintenance and warranty services and dispatch technicians with the right skills to customer sites

Save big by eliminating disparate, specialized software solutions

Make Customer Care Your Competitive Advantage

HEADSTART for Engineer-to-Order includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to help you manage and nurture your customer relationships throughout the entire life of your accounts. Your customers will benefit from a seamless relationship experience and more flexible, individualized approach to sales, service and marketing that keeps them coming back for more.

Take your next steps

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