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Network Design

Devise a distribution network structure based on real data that meets your organizational needs today and tomorrow.

Drive Growth With The Right Distribution Network

The structure of your distribution network can be the difference between merely managing your daily operations, or actually driving the growth of your business. With customers demanding more from you than ever before, you need a network that fits your operational needs both today and into the future. Sikich has helped businesses of all sizes design networks that are built to last, using our years of industry experience along with analyzing a full spectrum of critical data. This allows us to create a strategy built around your growing business, leveraging the right locations, determining the right size and volume, and making sure you have the right amount of support as you drive towards the future.

Designing a Network to Optimize Your Operational Performance

The decision to redesign your logistics network can arise from many different factors, such as mergers and acquisitions, expansion into new geographic or product markets, relocation of key suppliers, the introduction of new technologies or processes in manufacturing or warehousing, etc. Regardless of your motive, you need to find a facility network that aligns your logistics strategies with your overall corporate strategy.

The experts at Sikich have real industry experience in all aspects of distribution. We will evaluate the operational, financial and service impact of various alternatives through the construction of network models. For example, if warehousing is critical to your strategy, we’ll determine how many facilities you should have, where they should be located, and how big they should be to provide the best customer service at lowest possible cost.

Find Innovative and Strategic Network Solutions With Sikich

Creating a network that meets the changing needs of your business requires equal parts industry expertise and data analysis. Sikich offers best-in-class abilities in both areas, with industry leaders offering real world experience as well as helping clients develop options for new network structures based on real data and client behaviors. Our tools, expertise and strategic partnerships help us make sure the locations for your distribution network will meet your needs today and in the future. So as your business grows, your network will have the innovation and flexibility to grow along with it.

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