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Voice-Directed Work

Positively impact your warehousing operations with a voice-directed work system customized and optimized for your business.

Change Your Business For The Better With Voice Technology

A voice-directed work system when properly selected and implemented can provide significant value to your warehousing operations. Gains in productivity, a reduction in errors, reduction in training time for new workers, and a safer work environment are a few of the benefits of this indispensable technology. Choosing the right system requires in-depth knowledge of system components and an expert analysis of your business. Sikich has partnered with leading voice systems companies to provide the right solutions tailored to your unique needs. And we partner with you to reduce cost, risk, and complexity, while also making you less dependent on the voice system supplier.

Design a Voice System as Powerfully Unique As Your Business

The benefits associated with equipping warehouse workers with “voice” are well documented and understood. From gains in productivity and a reduction in errors to safer work environments where workers are more aware of their surroundings, the right system can profoundly impact your business.  However, making the best decision as to which system to implement has never been more difficult. There is not one “perfect” system that addresses the needs of all customers. But there is a “best fit” for your operation. Sikich will help you sort out the options and help you make the right choice.

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partnered with four of the leading voice system suppliers

Based on our years of experience successfully implementing voice systems, Sikich has partnered with four of the leading voice system suppliers. We’ll determine the unique features and capabilities that address your specific requirements, and create a customized solution that suits the uniqueness of your business.

Whether it’s a RF Mobile Client based system working with your existing Terminal Emulation (TE) software, a middleware/server based system communicating with your existing WMS, or a direct interface to your WMS, we have all the architectural options covered. And we’ll always provide you with expert guidance from an unbiased perspective.

Keys To Voice Success:

Benefit From the Optimum Voice System With Sikich

Voice system technology is only useful when properly designed and implemented. By understanding your current operation and metrics together with your existing systems and IT infrastructure, Sikich can make a voice system recommendation that will provide the most value with the least disruption to your existing warehouse operation. First we’ll consult with you to determine if the implementation of a voice-directed work system will add value, reduce waste and result in an acceptable ROI. Then, based on our analysis and over 15 years of industry expertise, we will make a system recommendation and work diligently at getting you up and running, so you will see a positive impact on your operations as quickly as possible.

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