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ERP Disaster Recovery Planning

Build your systems to withstand the worst.

Mitigate Catastrophe or Prolonged Outage Before it Starts

Complete system outage is something IT leader’s nightmares are made of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a problem with the power grid, a natural disaster or something originating from the more nefarious corners of the internet, having a plan to recover is vital. Without a formalized plan, some companies simply won’t be able to survive the resulting financial and reputation fallout.


How Sikich Forms a Disaster Recovery Plan

Backup Solutions

We can create a robust backup solution process focused on recoverability. Whatever your needs or budget, recent technologies makes it possible to make complete backups cost efficiently.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We know IT systems and infrastructure are tied to company profitability. If something goes wrong, it affects the bottom line. We’ve worked with countless companies to document a plan that addresses your IT recovery needs today and tomorrow.

Business Continuity

Disaster recovery is how your business will get back on its IT feet. What will happen during the disaster? That’s where we can help businesses create a continuity plan to keep as many operations going as possible.

Start Getting Prepared

Disaster recovery and continuity plans need to happen in some very methodical steps. From prioritizing your processes to testing your plan, it can be a big initiative for any company to take on. Reduce the complexity by letting us help you determine the scope and plans that will fit the needs and requirements of your organization.

Protect your systems with backup plans
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