Salesforce for Private Equity and Investment Banking


Sikich has developed its own Salesforce templates for Private Equity and Investment Banking firms.  How does it work? Both templates run on Salesforce’s Sales Cloud licenses and can be installed as part of our project with your firm.  Having implemented over 50 firms in this space, Sikich has taken much of the feedback from our clients and developed offerings that provide functionality specific to each use case.

Case Study: Stratos Wealth Partners

With Salesforce and Sikich, Stratos was able to streamline operations and empowers client advisors. Learn how Stratos partnered with Sikich to deploy a smart, intelligent system that helps them with their clients.

Serving the Private Equity and Investment Banking Industry

“We were glad to have Sikich engaged on our project as we customized Additionally, loading our existing data into the new environment turned out to be more complicated than we originally anticipated, so it was wonderful to have your help with this.”

– Erica McClurkin, Blue Point Capital Partners LLC

Sikich HEADSTART for Private Equity with Salesforce


Private Equity Firms

Your business has multiple facets. Private Equity firms often want to track both the fund raising as well as the deals associated to each fund and potential portfolio company. It is important to segment the type of company from Limited Partners (LP) to General Partners (GP) to prospective/current/former portfolio companies, each requiring their own unique functionality. Being able to manage both your fund raising and deal pipeline through various views and reports has been built for your users.

Investment Banking Firms

If you are in investment banking, there is much tracking and insight required to keep your organization successful. You will want to track sales and pitches. When you bring a client onboard you will setup a project and manage all the potential companies associated to that project. You have relationships with all different types of companies, and they are all important to your business. Whether a service organization, sponsor or prospective client, you need specific functionality to align with each one. Once a project is sold, you need to be able to track all the companies being targeted for that project and easily update the status. With Salesforce, reports and dashboards are available and refreshed daily to provide users with timely information.

Business Travelers

Whether in private equity or investment banking, travel is something that is a standard part of life. Sikich often sets up Salesforce Maps so that all the companies in the Salesforce system can be color coded when viewing the map. What advantage does this provide? While you are traveling to any city you will see on the map, by color, what types of companies are in the area so you can schedule additional meetings while out of town.

“We hired Sikich after another Salesforce partner wasn’t meeting our needs. They stepped in and were able to complete the project and deliver exactly what we needed.”

Richard Finch, President, Green Square Capital.

Ready To Get A HEADStart?

Sikich Salesforce templates are offered as a complimentary part of our HEADSTART implementation service.