Secure Development Training

Secure Development training

Protect your reputation by investing wisely. Train your team to develop with security in mind.

Why this is important

All too often you read about unpatched vulnerabilities that result in sensitive data being stolen, or software exploits that allow malware to cripple an organization. To navigate the ever-changing threat landscape, your organization needs to integrate security into its development processes. Secure development training can help your team learn how to build applications with security as a foundation, test applications for critical vulnerabilities and exploits, and maintain applications according to security standards and guidelines.

How we can help

Sikich offers secure development training workshops that cover common vulnerabilities and protections for networked applications and can help you meet certain developer training requirements included as part of various compliance mandates (e.g., the PCI DSS). Among the topics discussed are application architecture, database configuration, custom applications and application interfaces, web interfaces, off-the-shelf components, use of encryption, network communications and supporting system configurations. For each topic, the training examines common mistakes and weaknesses that lead to vulnerabilities, how the vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited, and practices to avoid creating the vulnerabilities and/or protect against attacks.

Your developers will finish this training better able to defend your and your customers’ data and protect your reputation, meaning your organization will reap the benefits of the training for years to come.

Handle increasing amounts of critical data

In order to develop applications that can securely handle increasing amounts of critical data and functions, you need a team that is skilled, disciplined and confident. How do you get there? As with all skills, training is what maximizes success. The best at what they do have studied, practiced and logged many hours getting ready for the moments when preparation and opportunity meet. Your development team is no different. Especially with the ever-changing landscape of technology, training is essential to success. Sikich is here to help.

Limit the risks applications present by developing them with security in mind