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Emerging Technologies

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Technology that will power the next wave of productivity

When it comes to the future of work, there are some clear technologies that will transform how business gets done. Businesses are already taking steps to move towards these emerging technologies and disrupting industries across the board.

Here are some of the technologies that are up-and-coming:

+ Blockchain

+ Internet of Things

+ Artificial Intelligence

+ 3D Printing, Robotics

+ Edge Computing

+ Virtual and Augmented Realities


Start Planning for the Quickly Approaching Future

Start taking steps to make emerging technology a reality for your organization

  • Looking for a shared source of truth through your entire supply chain? Blockchain technologies can effortlessly manage vendors, contracts and more.

  • Want to put structure behind mass quantities of data that have no structure? Artificial Intelligence surfaces new insights. All without the need for tedious manual work.

  • Are you taking advantage of mobility to provide anytime, anywhere access to company capabilities and data?

  • Can your organization connecting to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) resources to facilitate innovative engineering and product development?

  • Can your systems accommodate data streams from the internet of things (IoT) or integrate with advanced analytics and business intelligence tools?

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Implementing tomorrow’s ERP infrastructure

Leaving legacy ERP behind does not have to mean unwelcome disruption for your people and processes. By design, modern ERP systems are easier to implement and manage and are more usable and flexible than their predecessors. In the cloud, you can deploy the ERP capabilities you need in a modular fashion, integrating and surrounding them with CRM, analytics, and other software tools. Updates are largely automatic and require minimal intervention, and you can easily add computing power, storage, user accounts, and business entities. Compared to legacy ERP, the scalability of ERP in the cloud is practically unlimited. And, the security of cloud ERP far surpasses what most companies could implement on their own.

In the Sikich ERP practice, we often help companies abandon legacy ERP and adopt a powerful, modern solutions in the cloud. We help you build a business case for change, choose a solution that fits the way the company works, and perform the implementation for you. We know how to make this journey efficient and outcome-driven, based on your goals and requirements.


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Dangers of Legacy ERP

Get in-depth reasons why moving away from Legacy ERP systems is the right call.


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