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Cloud Managed Services and Technology Management

By using the same strategies employed by Fortune 500 companies, we have created a program that allows firms of all sizes to leverage our proven processes and investments in enterprise-class technology to build a highly secure, stable, and responsive infrastructure.

Working with us

Keeping your business secure and operating at peak performance today requires far more than computer support. It demands compliance expertise, ongoing business analysis, proper management of technology points, and professional guidance on which you can rely. Our program, Sikich Tech 360, is the only program specifically designed to address all of your technology management points so you can get the most out of your business resources and focus on running your business.

Case Study: Delta Systems

Delta Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of components for the outdoor power equipment industry. Among Delta Systems’ largest customers are some Fortune 500 companies. Clearly, there is no room for this organization to be anything other than on the top of their game. They have many clients depending on them. After partnering with the Sikich Tech 360 program, they have a consistent, reliable network and have fully embraced Manufacturing 4.0.

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All Managed Services Are Not Created Equal

Why is our Tech 360 program different from all the rest?

Sikich Support Management Cycle

As your managed service provider, Sikich will utilize our in-depth knowledge and vast experience to help you identify issues and designing a solution that has a positive impact on your resources and IT maturity growth. Leveraging Sikich Tech 360 managed IT services, you will benefit from an extensive evaluation, design and implementation of highly secure and efficient solutions, as well as measurement of functionality and performance to improve your results. You won’t just have a number to call if someone needs computer support (although you get that too!). Now, you can get more from your people, processes, information systems and budget with a model designed to improve security, up time and efficiency across all business functions.

Areas Managed Services Can Help Your Business

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“When a company comes to the realization that IT is not their core competency, and they feel that their resources can be better used within building their business and growing their business, I think that’s the time to consider looking at Sikich for manage services.”

– Mike Jeziorski, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Delta Systems

10 Signs It’s Time to Select a

New Managed IT Services Partner

It’s time to seriously consider finding a new Managed Services partner if you notice any or all of the following signs.

  • Miserable Users

  • No Interest in Innovation

  • Patchy IT Performance

  • Underdelivers From Day One

  • Quietly Unhelpful

  • Passive and Disengaged

  • No Strategic Vision

  • Lasting Chaos

  • They Lie to You

  • Don’t Speak Compliance

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