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Human Resources Consulting

Get customized HR solutions tailored to your organization’s structure, challenges and budget.

Personalized Solutions To Keep You Focused on What Matters Most

In order to stay focused on strengthening your core business processes, you need an affordable alternative to investing in a full HR staff. Just as important, you need a solution that does not interrupt your current business practices, but rather blends in seamlessly within your organization. By partnering with Sikich, you’ll get a team that will hit the ground running, offering you a highly developed start-up process that positions your organization to make effective choices about HR priorities. Sikich believes strongly in a “high touch” approach, ensuring all supervisors and employees have access to real people with in-depth knowledge of your organization and industry, as well as custom solutions structured to your needs. This personalized approach will enable you to drive success through your core business practices without the worry of back-office operations.

Address Important Organizational Needs With Proven HR Professionals

The HR Consulting Team at Sikich has many years of industry experience, helping organizations like yours successfully implement proven processes and programs. As just one component of a comprehensive workforce management solution, our consultants will assess your HR needs, including but not limited to:

  • A full service HR solution. We have experience building HR infrastructure for organizations starting at the conception phase.
  • Complementing your current HR resources. Sometimes, there is just not enough time to meet the daily requirements, much less find time to strategically plan or complete important HR projects. Whatever your HR needs, we can customize your solution.
  • Special projects. You may know specifically what needs to be done in your plan year to continue on your projected organizational strategic goals. Our experienced HR consultants are happy to partner with you to help you accomplish your goals faster and recognize the benefits of those goals sooner.

HR Consulting Services


Ensure you stay up-to-date on regulations and compliance. We can help with:

  • HR Assessment and Employee Handbooks
  • I-9 Audit, File Audit & Record Retention
  • OSHA and Independent Contractor Compliance Testing
  • FMLA/Leave Programs and Tools
  • ADA and Reasonable Accommodation
  • OFCCP Compliance

Performance Management

We’ll help your organization develop tools used for:

  • Monitoring Performance
  • Annual Reviews
  • Goal Setting
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Recognition/Incentive Programs

Employee Relations

Effective employee relations are essential to maintaining a successful HR strategy. Stay ahead of potential issues through:

  • Supervisory training and coaching
  • Team-building exercises
  • Employee communication programs
  • Climate/Engagement Surveys
  • Conflict Resolution and Investigations

Training & Development

Business growth requires strong employee and organizational development plans. We’ll create a plan based on your long term goals:

  • Employee Development: Webinars, Train the Trainer, Management Training (EE to Mgr. transition)
  • Organizational Development: Retention and Growth Strategies, Succession Planning, Career Development
  • Customized Trainings: To best suit your organizations needs

Compensation & Benefits

We will assess and develop competitive compensation packages and benefit plans for your current and future employees. This includes:

  • For Compensation: Salary surveys, Pay structures, Compensation Assessments, Merit Increase Strategies
  • For Benefits: Benefit Renewal Administration, ACA Compliance, Liaison with Broker, Wellness Programs, Continuing Education Reimbursement

Full HR Out-Tasking

Through full HR out-tasking, your tasks are completed as they arise by your HR consultant who knows the ins and outs of your business and industry. This includes:

  • Compensation, Compliance & Benefits
  • Training & Development
  • Planning & Strategic Services
  • Employee Relations and Performance Management

Powerful HR Support For Your Organization

HR compliance and human capital strategies are ever-evolving. But HR does not have to be an overwhelming or overly complex function of your business. In fact, with expert help to guide you and complete what can be the most complex and tedious tasks, it can become an instrumental foundation for your organizational needs. The HR consultants and Sikich can help you find your best talent, improve relationships between your workers and the company, and add new skillsets to your current employees’ repertoire. If your current HR staff needs additional assistance, or you’ve experienced such growth that you are considering placement of an HR resource but are just not sure if there’s enough work, the industry experts at Sikich can help.

Request a Consultation

“We have had very good success with Sikich HR Consulting Training.  Our contact [Jennifer] is very easy to work with, we are able to get the training sessions that we want and when we want them.  Our supervisors and managers consistently rate the training 3.8 out of 4 both overall and on individual items within the rating system.  We plan to continue to partner with Sikich HR consulting to provide on-going supervisor training.” 

HR Director/Business Administrator, Rantoul Foods

“We are a small medical practice and I have very little time to do a good job at recruiting for the needs of our practice. We have used Sikich in the past and most recently have found a great addition to our team. They take you through every step in recruiting from putting the advertisements out, to viewing resumes, to initial phone interviews, setting up interviews, to doing background checks and references. They are hard-working and have become a valuable asset to us and will continue to use them.”

Practice Manager, Infectious Disease Specialists

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