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Payroll Operations Management

Working closely with your team, our certified experts can assist with any of your payroll needs. We can provide both short- and long-term support for your payroll department.

Our team has extensive knowledge of:

  • Domestic and international payroll
  • Equity administration
  • Compensation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Expatriate processing
  • Compliance requirements
  • Shadow payroll

Payroll Optimization

Our team can streamline your payroll operations to ensure they are cost effective and compliant. Assessment and analysis are the first steps and a pillar of the project needed to ensure all payroll challenges have been identified and understood. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

 Payroll Optimization Graphic: People & Staffing, Processes, Technologies in Place and Internal Policies

Payroll Compliance

Our consultants understand the relevant compliance laws that impact your business and can help you implement proactive measures to maintain compliance through:

  • Working with you to review and maintain compliance with all aspects of payroll processing, primarily with tax rules and regulations down to the local level
  • Assisting in setting internal controls in place as they relate your requirements in areas such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, payroll tax reporting, garnishments, overtime calculation rules, as well as other compliance issues

Questions to Consider

Do you have a gap in your senior payroll level skill set, or recent turnover, for which an interim or permanent payroll operations role is needed?

Are you planning to consolidate and centralize payroll management and need help getting set up?

Are you concerned that your payroll team is underutilizing the available technology to efficiently and accurately process payroll?

Are you planning to add to or enhance peripheral systems, such as a new Time and Labor Management solution, and need experienced guidance to re-engineer your payroll processes?

Have you received any negative tax or internal audit findings and are under a timeline to identify and correct calculations or processes?

Are you worried that you are not complete on top of tax law and federal benefit changes, new tax jurisdictions and collective?