Site Selection & Business Incentives

Site Selection & Business Incentives

Adding jobs, making capital investments or increasing square footage? Let Sikich help.

Site Selection & Incentive Experts

Running your company requires good leadership, an educated team and the ability to adapt to circumstances out of your control.

As an independent site selection and economic development consulting firm, we specialize in helping companies minimize risk and maximize return from their relocation and expansion projects. We’ve helped small and large businesses with relocation and incentive negotiations, securing millions of dollars in local and state support through refundable tax credits, training grants, site-specific incentives and more.

Working with an economic development expert can help you determine your organization’s site requirements and find appropriate matches that can take your business to the next level. At Sikich, we identify and evaluate potential locations to buy, lease or open to new construction, taking into account important data including workforce availability, state and local taxes, quality-of-life amenities and other important factors based on your company’s unique needs.

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Municipalities are aggressively looking for new and creative ways to attract capital investment, new businesses and jobs into their communities. Growing companies create jobs, build a tax base, purchase local goods and send long-term ripple effects throughout an area’s economic growth. When you’ve narrowed your site location possibilities and know where you’d like to be, whether in a coworking space, new build or anything in between, we’ll work directly with the appropriate local and state government agencies to determine incentive potential.

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Unfortunately, many companies can undergo difficulties receiving the full benefits of their incentives. Negotiations alone are not a guarantee of incentives — compliance reports will still need to be submitted and need to meet the agreed-upon requirements set forth by state or local authorities.

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Growing and scaling your business is an exciting time but can present unique challenges you may have never faced before.

Sikich can help make your path to efficient and successful business growth stress-free.

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If you think your business may qualify for incentives, contact our team of experts.



  • Determine site requirements
  • Find site matches in desired location
  • Refine site options
  • Tour and assess sites
  • Provide strategic advice

Incentive Procurement

  • Examine and evaluate incentive packages
  • Negotiate incentive options and programs
  • Assist with final site decision
  • Inform government agencies
  • Review all agreements


  • Oversee benefits lasting up to 20 years
  • Ongoing reminders and advice
  • Review, file and submit required documents
  • Notification of any new forms or policies
  • Retain and archive copies of important documents
  • Update new company personnel

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