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Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Equipment Manufacturers

Dynamics AX Equipment Manufacturer Client TestimonialManufacturing companies are all unique – but all share a common passion for making and delivering high-quality products to their customers at the right time and cost. Success in manufacturing requires leaner production, real-time order tracking, and high quality products. Meeting these demands requires the ability to make decisions based on accurate data and the right manufacturing ERP software is key.

Sikich delivers the ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, for equipment manufacturing companies to overcome business challenges and meet the unique and varied needs found in the equipment manufacturing industry.

Easy to adapt to your specific needs, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software for manufacturing offers a familiar interface and tools to optimize processes for your business and serve multiple business models, including lean, make-to-order (MTO), configure-to-order (CTO), and engineer-to-order (ETO).

Microsoft Dynamics AX is powerful technology purposely-built for the manufacturing industry and industrial equipment manufacturers, enabling a more efficient enterprise. Sikich will help you address the business challenges every equipment manufacturer faces in addition to your own unique needs. With Dynamics AX as your ERP and Sikich’s unique software built specifically for equipment manufacturers, you can get a jump start on your domestic and international competition and take the following challenges head on using Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Manufacturing Industry Issues

Sikich’s Microsoft Dynamics AX software is much more than manufacuturing software. This equipment manufacturing ERP system helps companies streamline and strengthen their operations in a number of areas. It takes equipment manufacturing industry issuse head on, including the following industry challenges:

Industry Challenge

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Business ERP Solution

Multiple business applications across departments. Acelerates user onboarding and software adoption with an integrated system and a familiar user experience.
New customer initiatives and increasing customer demand. Employees access complete customer histories with detailed updates, purchasing history, and service requirements allowing for better customer service while streamlining operations.
Disparate processes and data flows supported by multiple offline forms and systems. Processes are highly automated and electronically managed. This fuels efficiency through standardized processes and easily shared best practices.
Ineffective material planning and inventory tracking. View and analyze purchase and inventory information spanning entire network to reduce production and supply chain costs.
Sales backlog. Easy-to-use and flexible reporting tools to consolidate reports and optimize contract management to improve responsiveness to demand.
Project management. Role centers with tasks and activities are summarized conveniently in one place. Project managers can drill into each area to see in greater area.

Response time to changing market conditions.

Use integrated, real-time information to accurately anticipate, plan for and respond to manufacturing demand, as well as product accurate forecasts with 360-degree business visibility.

Manufacturing Customer Testimonials on Microsoft Dynamics AX

Learn how the CES Group and The Greenbrier Companies (videos from left to right) have successfully implemented and used Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Our Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Manufacturers

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX is uniquely suited to help equipment manufacturers significantly improve operations and profitability with a lower total cost of ownership.
Microsoft Dynamics AX Consulting
Complete Microsoft Dynamics AX consulting services, including unique implementation and upgrade software solutions developed specifically for equipment manufacturers.
Microsoft Dynamics AX Training
Gain expertise from our in-depth Microsoft Dynamics AX training classes for Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Development and more. 

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