WRM – Threat Management

threat management

Ensure you have immediate access to external threat experts in the event emerging or urgent risks extend beyond your internal capabilities.

immediate access to threat experts

When you’re facing uncertainty over the reported, potentially threatening behaviors of a subject of concern, immediate access to expert support adds a layer of confidence to behavioral risk decisions. A quick phone call is all it takes to engage in active collaboration with a multi-faceted threat assessment and management team who can advise on the proper level of preventive next steps.

We’ll listen to your concerns and quickly align the right cross-functional support behind your point of need. Our team brings credentials and experience across specialized backgrounds in threat assessment and management, forensic psychology, threat investigations, open-source intelligence, public relations/crisis communications, protective services and law enforcement. We will engage every possible means to help you ease, resolve or manage concerns of potential workplace violence. 


Create or reengineer a workplace violence prevention program in alignment with your policies, protocols and capabilities.

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Empower your workforce with ongoing training and awareness initiatives to advance a culture of safety and respect.

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Ensure you have immediate access to external threat experts in the event emerging or urgent risks extend beyond your internal capabilities.

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on-demand violence risk and threat case consultation

If your internal team feel they need to elevate the violence risk screening process to an expert level for insight, guidance and advice, the Sikich team includes experts in threat assessment and management and others who’ve spent their careers involved in high stakes situations in security and law enforcement, and communications. The team is well versed in strategically managing incidents – from assessing the threat and improving security to coordinating critical resources and briefing internal and external authorities. Our team will gather and analyze critical information to gauge the preliminary level of concern and any necessary management strategies to implement immediately to mitigate negative consequences.  

behavioral threat assessment

Once the preliminary level of violence risk is determined, a
full behavioral threat assessment may be required which includes:

A formal threat assessment investigation:
Current life situation, mental and behavioral health history, potential motivation, attack-related behavior, mitigating factors, organization interest and affiliation, ownership of or ability to acquire weapons.

Psychological evaluation of violence risk: Relying on specialized education, experience, instinct and structured risk assessment tools, the forensic psychologist identifies the level of violence risk potential of a concerning individual. The psychologist can evaluate the individual either in person or indirectly through information gathering and interviews, depending on need and circumstances. The outcomes of these interventions add an exponential ability to assess, intervene and manage an individual who appears to be on the pathway to violence.

open source intelligence

Collection and analysis of publicly available information from a wide range of sources including public records, media, social media, deep and dark web. Analysts evaluate this information using tools and cross-references to turn raw data into insights and intelligence. Our threat management strategies range from psychological and mental health intervention and treatment to arrest and conviction by law enforcement. This information provides context to our recommendations from helping an employee through a tough patch to safe terminations.



threat case management support

The Sikich Workforce Risk Management team can provide ongoing case management support. Outreach to the subject of concern’s family members and mental health professionals can provide key information. Liaison with law enforcement, protective services and/or surveillance may be recommended. Threat monitoring of open sources may be recommended for a period of time even after the initial risk has been averted. And if the incident has disrupted your operations, or elicited interest from the media, we can help with crisis communication strategy and implementation, post-incident recovery, support and continuity messaging.