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Immediate Access to Threat Experts: Advisory on Preventive Next Steps

In times of uncertainty surrounding potentially threatening behaviors, having immediate access to expert support can significantly enhance confidence in the critical decisions you need to make. Sikich’s team of threat assessment and management experts, licensed clinical and forensic psychologists, and open source intelligence investigators stand ready to support your internal team. With just a phone call, we align cross-functional support behind your specific needs, ensuring swift and effective response strategies to your concerns of potential workplace violence.

Formal Behavioral Threat Assessment

Our team gathers and analyzes critical information to determine the initial level of concern and devises immediate management strategies to mitigate potential negative consequences. If the preliminary violence risk is significant, a comprehensive behavioral threat assessment is initiated. This involves a formal investigation examining the individual’s current life situation, mental and behavioral health history, potential motivations, attack-related behaviors, mitigating factors, organizational affiliations, and weapon ownership. A forensic psychologist may be called on to evaluate violence risk potential using their specialized education, experience, and tools, either through direct interaction indirectly through information gathering and interviews. A review of open source intelligence provides crucial context for recommendations, ranging from mental health interventions to law enforcement actions.

Threat Case Management Support

Our Sikich Workforce Risk Management team offers ongoing support, connecting with the subject’s family and mental health professionals for key insights. Collaborating with law enforcement, protective services, and surveillance may be recommended. Continuous monitoring of open sources might be advised even after mitigating the initial risk. In case the incident disrupts operations or attracts media attention, we provide assistance in crisis communication, post-incident recovery, and continuity messaging.

Partner with Sikich for immediate access to expert support, on-demand consultation, and comprehensive threat management services. Contact us today to strengthen your risk mitigation efforts and ensure a safer workplace environment for your organization.