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Sikich has the expertise in Salesforce to deploy the system for governmental applications..

For government tasks that require quick responses, particularly in emergencies, we suggest the use of Salesforce. This versatile platform, through its efficient application design, can assist in managing critical operations like contact tracing, logistics management, and emergency procurement solutions. For instance, the State can utilize Salesforce to launch rapid applications during a crisis, thereby ensuring scalable, user-friendly responses in multiple scenarios such as natural disasters, pandemics, or other emergencies.

Additionally, in non-emergency services, Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can revolutionize government to citizen interactions. Salesforce CRM provides a comprehensive view of citizens’ needs and enables the government to serve them effectively. By combining various channels under one dashboard, it becomes possible to foster and manage robust citizen relationships, thereby enhancing customer service for government departments.

Case Study: Salesforce implementation

With Salesforce and Sikich, Stratos was able to streamline operations and empowers client advisors. Learn how Stratos partnered with Sikich to deploy a smart, intelligent system that helps them with their clients.

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Public Health Ordering System

The Public Health Ordering System (PHOS) is a Salesforce application that helps the State leverage a data-driven process to effectively deliver urgently needed public health resources to everyone from hospitals to Alternate Care Facilities across the State. PHOS has allowed for improved reporting and dashboard capabilities, a reduction in manual data entry and associated errors, and increased visibility into the overall supply and demand for vital medical resources throughout the State.

Donation and Supply Intake Portal

As the single source of entry for new supply or donation leads, Donation and Supply Intake Portal allows the Logistics and Commodities Task Force to organize and validate leads and successfully procure supplies and equipment, putting these critical resources in the hands of those in need sooner. The portal has helped to identify hundreds of legitimate suppliers and develop a sustainable pipeline for the duration of the pandemic and ensures valid leads are being adjudicated in a timely and orderly fashion.
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Areas of specialty

Emergency Services 

No matter how big the disaster or emergency, Sikich is ready to deploy rapid applications to meet the moment. Contact Tracing, Logistics Management Systems, and Emergency Procurement Solutions are made possible on Salesforce.

Non-Emergency Services

With Salesforce CRM. Build better relationships with your customer, understand their needs, and better serve them for a longer time at multiple channels under one dashboard.

311 Systems, Grants Management, Licensing and Case Management Systems, and CRM Systems can be tailored to meet your unique business needs with Sikich.

System Integration

Ready to create a true IT enterprise environment for your agency? Interested in accessing valuable legacy data through modern front end systems? Sikich will leverage the industry-leading API from Anypoint Platform from Mulesoft to connect disparate and disconnected systems, unlocking data sharing and reporting capabilities that were previously thought to be impossible.

Workforce Management

Large budget project? Tight schedule? What about a new complex business opportunity? Let Four Leaf tailor a recruitment process to meet your business needs. We can augment staff depending on your company’s requirements.

“The Sikich team provided tremendous value by helping us define our requirements, work through data clean-up/migration efforts, and by building out a solid foundation for [our] efforts.”

– James Campbell, Director – Business Development Operations , Coverys

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