Working with Us

Our partner-led projects means we are dedicated to the success of your company. From ERP selection to system implementation, we can support the entire life cycle of your technology systems. We also have board members of NAV Directions, the national partner council, and authors of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SureStep implementation methodology.

Feel confident our NAV team has intimate knowledge of the product by being a certified partner with Microsoft since 1995 and with our ERP Award winning Competency, Inner Circle partner credentials.

Where did Dynamics NAV go?

On April 2nd, 2018, Microsoft released its latest business application software called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. While NAV 2018 is the last available version of Dynamics NAV under the Navision brand name, NAV has not been eliminated; but it has evolved. Leveraging the familiarity of the “Office 365” naming convention, they merged “Dynamics” with “365” and dubbed the new evolution of NAV as “Dynamics 365 Business Central.”

Where did Dynamics NAV go?

You’ve likely been using NAV for a long time and you know the nuances of the solution and how to use it to run your business. While moving to Business Central will require some changes to the way you operate today, you might be surprised at how quickly you’ll adjust to the new user interface and the operational efficiencies you may be able to achieve along the way.

Remember, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an evolved version of NAV, so you’ll see all the out-ofthe-box features and functionality that your current NAV solution has, plus a whole lot more. Business Central was designed to be user friendly and intuitive, much like the mobile applications your users are familiar with today. It comes with its own native mobile apps, making remote access even easier. Employees can be productive whenever Sikich eBook: Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Future of NAV they wish to be, and they can also engage with their colleagues, customers, and trading partners at any time, anywhere.

Finally, the right technology can make a big difference in your ability to compete for talent, recruit people who are a great fit for your company and retain them through a significant stage in their careers. Millennials and younger people expect powerful technology tools without the hurdles and inefficiencies of older software. Your employees are highly motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals by working at your company. They will likely welcome modern, mobile, collaborative, productivity tools to help them advance. For them, the design of interfaces and workflows makes a big difference in their every-day success and satisfaction at work.

We were looking for the right solution, something not one-dimensional, as well as the right partner… Sikich implemented a quick, efficient and cost effective roll-out … and did so in less than 12 weeks.

Kevin Conway, VP Program Management