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Addressing the CRM Challenges of Economic Development Teams

This CRM solution is our answer to the issues that Economic Development teams tackle every day. We built this solution to address the needs of Economic Development teams and agencies.

We’ve created a pre-built set of enhancements that accelerates new implementations of Dynamics CRM and solves the most common challenges economic developers face, right out of the box. The solution completely covers all requirements of many economic development organizations, and further customizations and enhancements can be made to address more complex needs.

The Cloud Nine EDO solution allows economic development organizations to greatly reduce CRM implementation cost and time. We can then further customize Dynamics CRM to meet a specific organization’s unique need.

Who should use Cloud Nine EDO?

Economic development professionals at every level who work in development agencies, chambers of commerce, tourism, energy, and other entities responsible for economic development.

Case Study: The City of Austin

The Economic Development Department of the City of Austin collaborated with Sikich to deploy a constituent relationship management platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It also decided to augment CRM with a portal that serves as the organization’s digital entry gate for the communities it serves. These technologies, which replace various stand-alone tools and disparate access points, make it easier for the Economic Development Department to deliver its programs. With a central repository for all data, the department can provide transparency to other city departments and the public, often using dashboards to show progress to KPIs or demonstrate how it serves Austin’s diverse populations.

Case Study: The Calgary Economic Development Department

Calgary is Canada’s third largest city, with the fastest growing population of any major metropolitan area in the world. With 36 international consulate offices and financial sector that manages 12% of the global energy deal volume, Calgary attracts a strong workforce and new businesses.

The Calgary Economic Development department wanted a platform that could support other software and business uses in the organization. With 14 business units, CED did not have a single area where they stored contact information. Additionally, they wanted to track accounts, opportunities and leasing agreements for their Global Business Centre. Reports were made in spreadsheets where data was manually input multiple times across business units.

A new CRM solution was part of a larger strategy to bring all systems onto a single platform and create collaboration across departments.

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[Sikich’s] approach to the project and the willingness to be flexible has allowed us to get a better product than we would have, to achieve more than we planned to achieve and to do it at a lower cost and in a shorter time frame.

Senior Offcial

Calgary Economic Development

See how the Economic Development Accelerator Works

The Cloud Nine Economic Development Accelerator is a pre-built set of enhancements that accelerates implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and solves the most common challenges economic development teams face, right out of the box. The solution completely covers all requirements of many economic development organizations