Oracle Risk Management

OraCLE Risk Management Cloud

Manage risk. Meet compliance and Privacy standards

Effective Risk Management

Oracle Risk Management is a module within Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to manage risks and meet compliance and privacy mandates (SoD, SOX, GDPR, etc.). Subscribers can automate analysis, monitoring, and control of ERP security, configurations and transactions. Oracle Risk Management utilizes modern data science and AI techniques to help design secure roles, resolve SoD conflicts, monitor sensitive configurations, and detect suspicious transactions to protect against payment fraud and error. Oracle Cloud ERP users can use these AI-driven risk analysis tools to accelerate implementations, anticipate ERP risks, provide actionable insights, simulate and track remediation solutions, and streamline compliance.

Our Sikich Oracle team provides a comprehensive suite of services to effectively manage risk across your enterprise. We conduct thorough assessments and implement industry-leading Life Sciences & Healthcare Oracle Security practices to ensure compliance with both internal and external audit requirements.

Oracle Risk Management Implementation and Assessment Services

Our Sikich Oracle team of certified experts implement the complete suite of Oracle Risk Management products or the flexibility to configure and deploy solutions for specific RMC processes based on your organizational timeline and objectives.

Oracle Advanced Access Controls (AAC):

Oracle Advanced Financial Controls (AFC):

Oracle Financial Reporting Compliance (FRC):

Digitizing your risk and controls matrix, protects sensitive data, identify and assess financial reporting risk enterprise wide

Oracle Cloud ERP Security and Role Design

Our Sikich Oracle team of certified experts provides a comprehensive range of services dedicated to implementing and designing tailored job roles for your organization.  By addressing these security aspects your organization can strike a balance between security and usability, fostering a secure and compliant Oracle environment.

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Our Oracle Cloud team is your dedicated partner in navigating the Oracle Cloud landscape. We combine deep Oracle Cloud expertise with a client-centric approach to drive successful adoption, optimize performance, and accelerate the realization of value from your Oracle Cloud investments.