Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

OraCLE Enterprise Performance Management

Thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

Reporting across the Entire organization

The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud enables organizations to thrive in the current dynamic business landscape by providing the most advanced and comprehensive EPM solution. The suite of Oracle EPM products covers a wide range of functionalities from financial and operational planning, consolidation and close, reporting and analysis to enterprise data management and profitability in one unified EPM platform. This platform integrates seamlessly with your core ERP system, bringing together planning, budgeting, forecasting, account reconciliation, financial close, and reporting processes across the entire organization fostering increased visibility, improved decision-making, insightful analytics, and overall growth.

The Sikich Oracle EPM offering includes the entire suite of Enterprise Performance Management products or the flexibility to configure and deploy solutions for specific EPM processes based on your organizational timeline and objectives. Whether you choose to begin your Oracle EPM Cloud journey with Account Reconciliation, introduce Planning a few months later, or incorporate close and consolidation a year thereafter, the Sikich Oracle EPM team is prepared to implement not only delivered content and best practices for a swift implementation but additional customization if required.

Specialties around Enterprise Performance Management


Drive agile and interconnected financial plans throughout the entire organization using scenario modeling, long-range planning, budgeting, and line-of-business planning.

Profitability and Cost Management

Gain a deeper understanding of profitability and costs by service line, product, and other business segments to help make better informed decisions.

Financial Consolidation and Close

Provides centralized monitoring of all tasks and provides a visible, automated, repeatable system of record for running a business process such as the monthly close.

Account Reconciliation

Allows organizations to streamline account reconciliation by comprehensively addressing risk, and efficiently managing the global account reconciliation process using automation.

Narrative Reporting

Addresses internal and external reporting requirements with built-in collaboration features and interactive dashboards for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial, management, and regulatory report packages.

Enterprise Data Management

Allows enterprises to manage enterprise data once and propagate to all downstream systems and business processes.

Integrate your enterprise's systems

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