Virtual CIO Consulting Services

Virtual CIO Consulting Services

Sikich vCIO services help our clients save money and stay ahead of the game with a customized IT strategy that fits your budget. 


Our virtual CIO consulting services will bring the strategic edge to your in-house IT team. For a fixed, predictable monthly cost, we help your company navigate technology changes, budget allocations, develop a multi-year IT roadmap and make recommendations to gear up for the future. The Sikich vCIO is an executive level team member that has advised companies on their potential to meet their goals and the tactics it’ll take to get them there. 

Case Study: Cornwell Quality Tools

Cornwell Quality Tools was looking for ways to improve their IT operations. They called Sikich to help them modernize their applications with technologies based on the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

Our Virtual CIO Consulting methodology

We take a 6-step approach to all engagements that get people, tools, and vision aligned. Our aim is for IT to run like a utility—always on, reliable, and transparent. 


At the beginning of an engagement, we interview IT managers and business stakeholders to learn about your challenges and goals.


We take a careful look and consider all software, equipment, computers, policies, and practices at all your business locations.

Software Documentation

We document the versions and implementation details of server software, operating systems, client software, system integrations, and specialized software.

Hardware Documentation

We also document all desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, data storage, firewalls, and wireless access points. We also check vendors and warranty statuses.

User Experience

We capture all practices and onboarding. We'll help with user provisioning, identity and password management as well as data backup and recovery.


After we catalog and document everything, we recommending meaningful standardizations that can reduce your cost and management complexity.

“A benefit of using Sikich as our Virtual CIO is they know the things that we’re working on, they know some of the strategic plans that we have, and they’re able to suggest some of the technology that’s out there that is beneficial to us, that I wouldn’t know about because I don’t have the time to keep up with it.”

Mickey Charlton, IT Director, Cornwell Quality Tools

THE BENEFITS of hiring a virtual cio consultant

When it comes to your IT environment, leaving things up to chance without a top-level strategy is setting yourself up for failure. Many organizations have an IT department that works extraordinarily hard and does a fantastic job. The problem comes down to one key resource: time. Putting out fires, training new skills, and strategically looking forward is difficult when the day-to-day tasks can be all consuming.

Save Money

Budget a predictable, fixed cost every month.

Customized IT Strategy

Get a strategic, multi-year IT roadmap that helps give your organization a competitive edge.

Lessons Learned

Having a vCIO working with multiple organizations and industries means you glean the knowledge from working with several other companies. 

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