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Our cloud and infrastructure experts have gone through small, medium, and large infrastructure migrations and blend the unique needs and plans of an organization using the best practices for that unique industry.


To plan for the future, you have to know where you are today. The first step to creating a technology plan aligned with your organizational goals is to conduct a strategic assessment of your technology. Sikich’s Strategic IT Assessment is an in-depth, comprehensive and objective review of your information systems, computer infrastructure and current method of technology support. Gain a clear and full picture of your current IT with insights and observations from Sikich’s most senior business and technology experts.


For 100 years, Cornwell Quality Tools has been a manufacturer and distributor of automotive hand tools. They brought in Sikich to help them upgrade to 20th century technology, starting with Microsoft Office products. Later Sikich helped them implement Dynamics AX. After the company developed a mobile app for their employees out in the field, they wanted to move their hosting to the cloud. Cornwell chose Azure since it was the most reliable and most robust host they found for those services.


Let’s start talking about the strategic IT plan of your business and see what makes sense. Don’t have a plan developed? The best place to start is a Strategic IT Assessment. It will help you understand where your organization has been successful with technology, and where there is room for growth.

At the end of your Strategic IT Assessment, your organization will have a full picture of your current IT environment and how your end users interact with it, a prioritized set of next steps and areas for remediation, and the basis for a long term, two to-three-year technology plan.

“One of the things that Sikich has done is, they keep up with the technology that I don’t have time to keep up with. The VCIO aspect of Sikich, is that they know the things that we’re working on, they know some of the strategic plans that we have, and they’re able to suggest some of the technology that’s out there that is beneficial to us, that I wouldn’t know about, because I don’t have time to keep up with it. So, it’s been very beneficial.”

Mickey Charlton, IT Director for Cornwell Quality Tools

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