Digital transformation starts with productivity

When companies look to embrace digital transformation, workplace productivity and modernization is a smart place to start. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), whether Microsoft 365 Business or Microsoft 365 Enterprise, has much to offer. However, to harness the benefits of the Microsoft 365 cloud, and empower your employees with anywhere, anytime access, it’s not always as simple as purchasing the licenses and installing the applications. You’re often required to rethink the underlying architecture on which your company runs. If you haven’t redesigned your network for a cloud-first future, you could be in for some challenges along the way, but we’re here to help.

Our goal is to help you optimize your cloud strategy and fully leverage Microsoft 365 cloud. You are investing valuable resources and we understand the importance of getting the most out of your investment.

Working with us

Sikich is a direct “Tier 1” Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). As such we provide one point of contact for both billing and support, billing directly from us, automatic monthly billing based on license use, and limited tech support for Microsoft 365.

As an award winning Microsoft partner, we offer the service and expertise needed to make your implementation and continued support a success.

Seamless integration with Dynamics 365

Deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft365 brings together business processes and personal productivity. Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Common Data Services, and Copilot provide the resources to help you bring work smartly and effectively with Outlook, Word and other familiar tools in a single, connect solution. It’s an enjoyable productivity experience like nothing else.

Quickly realize your ROI

Reduce your capital expenditure

Avoid large up-front costs for new software while moving the cost of IT from capital to operating expense.

Cut hardware and energy costs

Without servers to run for email, websites, and document storage, you can reduce energy costs and save by no longer purchasing new server hardware.

Scale your business

Microsoft 365 grows with you. Adding a new user is as simple as buying an additional license.

Always be up-to-date

Since Microsoft 365 is in the cloud, it is always up to date. No patches or software upgrades necessary. Microsoft is adding new value and capabilities on a monthly basis.

License per year

Simplify licensing while providing each user access to business critical technology on 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices. Save money when compared to traditional, per device licensing.

License what you need

Microsoft 365 provides many plans to fit the right capability needs and price points for each user in your organization.