Microsoft Dynamics 365 FOR Construction Companies

We help Construction companies improve efficiencies from the construction job site to the corporate office. From project costing to forecasting, project billings, contracts, and change orders; ensure success with a partner who understands your business. Get ahead of today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex marketplace by streamlining processes, better understanding and controlling costs, and providing more accurate and timely information whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Working with Us

Over the last 35 years, Sikich has helped hundreds of Construction companies meet their strategic goals, grow their business, and achieve successful project outcomes. HEADSTART for Construction, built specifically for construction companies and related industries, offers a complete, enterprise construction management solution that integrates your critical billings, estimating, documents, project management, labor, and financial information into one place; so you can better manage budgets, schedules, field activities, customer relationships, and the bottom-line. Employees, customers, and trusted trade partners can access and update information that impacts schedules, budgets, subcontractors, and downstream processes, allowing you to respond quickly to new opportunities or shifts in the market, keep margins, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Build your system like your projects, to last for years

You know having the right tools for the job is vital to making something that stands the test of time. That is exactly how you should be approaching your next ERP implementation, migration, or upgrade. Let us show you our blueprint that other construction companies have used to reach new heights of success. Here are some of the things you can expect from working with us.

BUilding Your solution from a solid foundation

HEADSTART for Construction sits on one of the most powerful business platforms in the world, giving you the computing power to achieve more, accelerate your business initiatives, and keep your organization connected. 

Speed Communication

Speed Communication

Discover the tight integrations with familiar Microsoft solutions like Office 365, Outlook, and Teams.

Build Custom Apps

Build Custom Apps

Modernize your processes, turn great ideas into reality, and solve challenges across your business with Microsoft Power Apps.

MObilize Crews

MObilize Crews

Extend mobile and tablet support allowing access to your critical project information whenever and wherever your team needs it.

Enable confident decision making

Enable confident decision making

See your business' data with up-to-the-minute analytics from PowerBI.

Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

Use easy-to-create workflows and ensure your compliance duties with audit trails and enterprise-level security.

sturdy infrastructure

Sturdy infrastructure

Know your data will be accessible with the Azure cloud that backs Dynamics 365.
HeadStart Program for Construction Industry and Dynamics 365

Bid to Contract Process

Create and send bids for projects that include line items for tasks, labor, materials, and other expenses. When won, quickly flip those bids into jobs with associated budgets.

Job Cost Accounting

Accurately track the cost of your materials, labor, overhead, and WIP for each job.

Progress Billings

Bill clients for specific project milestones (pay points) or measurables. See Job Profitability in real-time.

Real Time stats

Achieve insights, plan more accurately, and guide business growth with BVA, Remaining to Complete, Cost to Complete, and more relevant KPIs.

Schedule and track tasks

Schedule and assign resources to jobs, including unique costs and prices for each project. Includes time entry for job tasks, support for burden, and union labor rates.

Manage subcontracts and associated payables

Lower General Contractor insurance premiums, track subcontractor certificates, preliminary notices, lien releases, and warn or stop payment due to expired certificates or missing lien releases.

Execute Change Orders

Easily make changes to existing orders, including impact on schedules.

Service Management

Keep track of the vital information that helps with customer experience, including dispatching, billing, cost tracking, etc.

Complete Finance and Accounting functions

Centralize your processes, including multi-company support with consolidations

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