MSSP Security Partner

Certified experts keeping your data and organization secure at every angle.

Keeping your business secure and operating at peak performance
today requires far more than computer support

From infrastructure to strategy and everything in between, Sikich combines essential security capabilities for asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, incident response, endpoint threat detection, security information and event management (SIEM) and log management.


Sikich’s Cybersecurity team is dedicated to assisting you with information security consulting, fraud management, risk mitigation and vulnerability detection and prevention. Your organization can take advantage of our experts who specialize in performing compliance audits, penetration tests, computer security assessments and computer forensic investigations.

We handle anything having to do with security or protecting data, including financial systems (FFIEC), credit card data (PCI DSS), customer privacy (GLBA), patient data (HIPAA), student data (FERPA), service provider reviews (SOC 1/2/3) , intellectual property or personally identifiable data.


  • An AI-driven security platform can protect your user systems from the latest viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware.
  • Endpoint agents enable near-instantaneous detection and response to threats.
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM) protects the security of your files, applications, operating systems, and data.
  • The Security Operation Center (SOC) monitors and alerts on the discovery of possible attackers in your environment,
  • Hardened industry-accepted system configurations reduce exposure of potential security vulnerabilities to threats.

Our Certifications


A Dependable Security Team for your Organization

Augmenting your IT team by adding information security services and expertise from an external source can be a difficult decision. Consider though, that you don’t have to worry about space requirements, office needs, or all the HR and compliance strings that come with in-house staff. Sikich’s managed security services not only provide security you might be lacking, you will get the services at a fixed, predictable monthly cost.

Proactive Security Management

Keep your business alert to emerging threats, possible security holes and ways to protect your endpoints.

24x7 Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that a fully operational Security Operations Center (SOC) is watching for things like file integrity and event management.

Virtual CISO

With a virtual CISO, your company gains access to someone with knowledge to draft policy, build trainings, assess risk and more.

Response Support

If you've experienced a data breach, the response support team can investigate problems and get you back online.

Get your company on the path to better Securing its data

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