IT Forensics


Get your organization back on its feet after a data breach


Situations requiring forensic expertise can be tough to manage and resolve. You need a solid partner who can get to the bottom of an incident and reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.

Whether we investigate a breach of credit card numbers or recover sensitive data, Sikich has the experience and wherewithal to analyze and bring to closure the most complicated forensic cases. Using the most advanced and powerful resources together with custom tools and extensive know-how, our investigators discover what happened to your data and how it was accessed.


Sikich is a highly qualified and widely recognized forensic investigator. Sikich experts speak at security and law enforcement conferences across the country. We develop and maintain tools that are in wide use in the security community. We collaborate with law enforcement at local, state, and federal levels to bring cyber criminals to justice, and we maintain vital relationships that allow us to work effectively with officers and prosecutors.

We are also one of the few companies approved and certified by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as a PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) to perform this difficult work.

  • We respond quickly to provide an expert forensic team to contain a breach, salvage data, perform an investigation, and get your organization back up and running. Our proven approaches enable you to properly respond to an attack, secure your environment, and meet all legislative and industry requirements.

    With many certifications and qualifications, we are uniquely equipped for the job. Rest assured that nothing will escape our eyes in our dedicated forensic lab with state-of-the-art equipment and software. We provide:

    • Breach verification, data collection, and analysis
    • Reverse engineering to handle custom malware or zero-day vulnerabilities
    • Detailed physical inspections to uncover evidence of tampering or other physical breaches
    • Code review of affected applications in nearly any programming language
    • Advice for reducing the risk of future breaches
    • Detailed reports that give you a complete, documented view of your case

Malicious employees, computer hackers, physical disasters, and simple mistakes can all lead to the inadvertent destruction of critical data. Even if files are deleted or systems fail, it can still be possible to recover data to bring you back online quickly.

You might need a technical expert to defend a lawsuit. Electronic litigation provides the expert testimony to support a case. We use proven methods and proper chain-of-custody procedures to support the evidence in a court of law.

Laws and regulations governing breach disclosures can be tough to understand and track. Requirements can vary from state to state. Some legislation, like the California State Bill 1386, requires companies to notify state residents if any personal information is leaked. Once a breach occurs, Sikich helps you stay compliant with applicable requirements.

In some civil litigation, electronic discovery may be necessary to extract and analyze electronically stored information that could be pertinent to the case. Sikich assists with the extraction and analysis of the data, and also effectively coordinates efforts with lawyers, IT staff, and other relevant parties.