Cybersecurity Defense Services

Cybersecurity Defense Services

Cybersecurity Defense Services

Your shield to the digital world

In the era of technology where cyber threats loom at every corner, we are your first line of defense. Cyber Defense Services is your trusted partner in securely managing your IT infrastructure and ensuring resilience against all forms of cyber threats. Our mission is to keep you ahead of the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and ensuring that your IT infrastructure remains operationally effective.

Elevate your organization’s cybersecurity defenses with our comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense Services. Our TECH 360 Managed IT Services ensure round-the-clock vigilance with a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center, bolstered by continuous remote monitoring and essential maintenance including patch, antivirus, and backup monitoring. 

The TECH 360 Managed Security Services further fortify your defenses with a dedicated Security Operations Center, advanced managed detection and response, and thorough employee security training. Our Forensics and Incident Response team offers expert breach handling, data recovery, and incident preparedness, ensuring resilience against cyber threats. Additionally, our Information Security Assurance Program and proactive Threat Landscape Reduction strategies, encompassing everything from compliance audits to secure network redesign, provide a multilayered shield to protect and empower your business in the digital arena.

Tech 360 Managed IT Services

Tech 360 Managed Security Services

Forensics and incident response

information security Assurance program

Threat Landscape Reduction

Our cybersecurity offerings cover a wide range of regulatory frameworks and standards, including:


Payment card industry data security standard


Cybersecurity maturity model certification


Califiornia consumer privacy act


Federal financial institutions examination council


General data protection regulation


Gramm-Leach-Bliley act


Health insurance portability and accountability act


Health information technology for economic and clinical health act


Health information trust alliance


Information Technology controls


National institute of standards and technology


Statement on standards of attestation engagements No. 18

Create resiliency with a strong defense

Stopping cyberattacks before they start can save your organization headache, in the best case scenario. Devastation, in the worst. Put a shield around your most sensitive information with Sikich Cybersecurity Defense services and let our professional experts fortify your IT.