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Customized Content is Good Medicine for Retirement Readiness

From recent college grads struggling with student debt to seasoned professionals planning an imminent retirement, participants’ financial needs and goals are as diverse as the workforce they’re part of. Read this article for insights on offering customized content and multiple channels of delivery.

Closing the auto-escalation gap

High participation rates don’t always translate to high deferral rates. According to a recent survey, three-quarters of DC plans offer auto-enrollment, while only two-thirds provide an auto-escalation feature. Stagnant contribution levels contribute to opportunity cost of missed compound growth, resulting in lower overall portfolio balances at retirement. 

The Six Types of Fiduciaries in retirement plans you need to know

A retirement plan may have one or more fiduciaries who have distinct responsibilities, though many individuals and committees may serve in multiple fiduciary roles. Here is a brief overview of the categories of fiduciaries. 

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