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In our December issue of the Sikich Retirement Plan Services newsletter, you’ll find articles with discussions on:

Benefits of Matching Retirement Contributions

As the unemployment rate drops, hiring grows increasingly competitive – especially for businesses with highly specialized positions. It is important to understand how retirement matches factor into the hiring process and how these matches can help benefit your company. Find out why offering retirement matches can help your company in the December issue of the Sikich Retirement Times.

Four Tips for Increasing your Retirement Dollars

There are four basic ideas you should consider when looking at your retirement dollars: when to roll retirement dollars, timing in the market, not looking to other sources for retirement income and whether to hire an advisor.

To learn more about these ideas and how to implement them, read our December issue of the Sikich Retirement Times newsletter.

The More You Know: Automatic Enrollment Notices

Many companies use the “Auto Enroll” feature in their retirement plans, meaning the plan sponsor initiates employee enrollment into the company’s retirement plan. Currently, there is growing concern among plan sponsors as to whether their enrollment kits satisfy the annual automatic enrollment notice requirement.

Please read the December issue of the Retirement Times newsletter to find out the four items your enrollment kit must have to satisfy the annual automatic enrollment notice.

Top Ten Fiduciary Responsibilities 

A plan’s fiduciary plays an important role in an organization’s financial health. Not only do they oversee the fiduciary process, but they identify and serve the best interests of the retirement plan’s participants.

For ten important responsibilities a fiduciary must keep in mind, see our December issue of the Sikich Retirement Times.

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