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In our August 2019 issue of the Sikich Retirement Plan Services newsletter, please see articles with discussions on:

Four reasons to integrate health savings into your retirement plan:

As Americans look to the future and toward retirement, many understand that maintaining their health will be an important part of their overall quality of life after they stop working. However, uncertainty around healthcare costs, both now and in retirement, is a major financial worry among Americans preparing for retirement. So how can you help your workers reduce financial anxiety about retirement preparedness and increase the likelihood that they will be able to meet their healthcare costs in retirement?

Read the Sikich Retirement Plan Services August 2019 issue to get four reasons to integrate HSAs into your retirement plan offering.

Anthem Settlement awards participants more than $23M:

Recently the Bell vs. ATH Holding Company, LLC (a subsidiary of Anthem, Inc.) lawsuit settled. The Settlement received quite a bit of attention from both the industry and mainstream press for several reasons, not the least of which include the size of the 401(k) plan ($5.1 billion), the size of the monetary settlement ($23,650,000), as well as the inclusion of somewhat unusual non-monetary terms.

The Sikich Retirement Plan Services August 2019 issue provides interesting details of the suit and important takeaways.

Q&A on this month’s newsletter:

Question: Is it okay to use the same company for your plan’s recordkeeping, 3(38) advisory services, and administration?

Answer: Read the August newsletter for the surprising answer.

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