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In our January issue of the Sikich Retirement Plan Services newsletter, you’ll find articles with discussions on:

Financial Wellness and Productivity: How Are Your Employees Affected?

Employees worried about their personal finances are less productive, more distracted and are easier for your competitors to attract. A good start to prevent this trend is to have a retirement planning professional work with your employees.

Please read the January issue of the Sikich Retirement Times to learn why offering your employees a retirement professional’s services can help with employee retention.

Why CFOs Should Consider Partnering With a Retirement Plan Advisor 

Many companies are outsourcing more and more activities, allowing them to focus on their core business. Some reasons to hire a retirement plan advisor include reduced risk, increased objectivity and increased service levels.

To learn more about these ideas and to see if you can implement them, please see our January issue of the Sikich Retirement Times newsletter.

Improve Your Retirement Plan By Encouraging Employees to Join

Many companies are facing the problem of increasing employee participation in their retirement plans. Participation is crucial to the success of plans, and it improves employee retention and overall job satisfaction.

See how Plan Design and Plan Communication can help increase plan participation. Please review the January issue of the Sikich Retirement Times newsletter for all the details.

The Importance of Keeping Beneficiary Information Updated

Beneficiary designation is a difficult subject matter. When thinking about your primary and contingent beneficiaries, there are a few things to consider. Please review our January issue of the Sikich Retirement Times newsletter for important tips about designating your account beneficiaries.

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