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In our June 2022 Sikich Retirement Plan Services newsletter, please see articles with discussions on:

Behavioral Finance and Plan Design: Four Ways to Boost Participation

Leveraging the principles of behavioral finance, plan sponsors can design plans to encourage higher participation and contribution rates as well as help employees overcome procrastination, inertia and fear-based decision making. Please review our newsletter for more details on these topics.

PEPs Revisited with Reproposed IRS Rule

Employers may now cross industry lines, location, or other associations to join forces in a retirement plan. Learn about PEP benefits, provider criteria and one potential drawback in our June newsletter.

Is Participant Choice a “Get Out of ERISA Court Free Card?”

Over the prior two years, more than 150 excessive fee lawsuits have been filed. Twenty of those cases were put on hold pending the decision in this important case. With this case resolved, we may see an increase in new ones being filed.

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