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Weather or Not, Stay Invested

Last year was one of the strongest years on record for hurricanes in the Atlantic region of the United States and among the costliest of seasons on record, with preliminary estimates totaling over $200 billion. This is the second largest season in damages since 1900, with 2005 having a slightly higher total (Hurricane Katrina). For those not directly affected by the hurricanes or other extreme weather events, some often wonder how it might affect them indirectly, via their investments

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Exchange Your Old Retirement Solutions for New Ones

An exchange is a turnkey solution for businesses that allows you to provide the benefit of a retirement plan while offloading some of the administrative and fiduciary responsibilities at a potential cost reduction. A team of professionals work together on your behalf, so you can focus on running your business, not your retirement plan. There’s strength in numbers. By teaming up with other businesses in an exchange, you can benefit from economies of scale and seamless processing that help reduce the costs associated with operating and maintaining a retirement plan.

Should I distribute the Fiduciary Plan Investment Review to plan participants?

We appreciate your desire to provide detailed information to your plan participants, but hold your horses. While there is nothing legally preventing the sharing of the Fiduciary Investment Review (FIR) with participants, we do not recommend it and, in fact, strongly discourage it. The FIR is designed for delivery to plan fiduciaries, not participants. This is not only because the fiduciaries are more sophisticated but because the report is better understood when presented/explained by an advisor that knows the data.

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