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Closing the Retirement Gender Gap: How Retirement Plan Advisors Can Help

Even though women tend to live longer, female workers typically have lower retirement account balances than their male counterparts. Many factors may contribute to this disparity, including lower earnings, greater part-time work and time off for child and eldercare, lower levels of financial literacy and lower risk/lower return investment choices. 

This months Sikich Retirement News looks at empowering women. Please feel free to review this article. 

Another Way to Save: New Tax Credit for Plan Participants

According to a Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS) report, fewer than four in ten U.S. workers know about a tax credit that may help them save for retirement, per the IRS. The Saver’s Credit is available to eligible taxpayers who are saving for retirement.  

Get the full story on the Tax Saver’s Credit and how this impacts you in this month’s Sikich Retirement Times. 

Addressing Employee Education Strategically

An educated employee is an empowered employee, especially when it comes to retirement savings and financial wellness. To help employees better understand their fiduciary process, the key features of your company’s retirement plan, and the importance of setting aside money for their future, it’s crucial to offer financial education. Financial education can come in many forms, but the best way to start the conversation about financial wellness is to follow a few simple points. 

Find out how we can help your employees become better savers by reading the April edition of the Sikich Retirement Times.

Participant Memo: Five Key Decisions for a Successful Retirement

One of the most serious decisions that we all face is how to prepare for retirement. What are some of the most critical decisions participants should make about retirement? 

The Sikich Retirement Times may have the answer. Please read the April edition for the five key decisions for a successful retirement.  

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