Who Should Be Part of an Implementation? And When?

Before you begin your Salesforce implementation, it is important to align internally on who will be a part of the project and the responsibilities of each person. There are 5 people we recommend to bring onto your Salesforce implementation team.

Salesforce Admin

Your Salesforce Administrator should be involved every step of the way during the project. It is important for them and the future of your Salesforce org to be familiar with the configuration. An admin can also help explain to users why certain decisions were made along the way. This will help create a successful environment for Go Live.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The experts of each department will be instrumental in ensuring you create a Salesforce org that is beneficial and user friendly to everyone in the company. Be sure that you have an SME for each department. SMEs should be involved throughout the length of the project and will be the biggest voice of their teams during requirements gathering.

Project Manager

Although Sikich provides a project manager on each implementation, it is imperative that your company also have a project manager to help keep the project on track. Your project manager should expect to be on every call throughout the length of the project.

IT (if applicable)

If you are building an integration or doing a data migration during your implementation, you may need to bring in someone from IT. Your Sikich project manager will be sure to prepare you for this and will let you know when this resource will be needed.

Marketing (if applicable)

Even if you are not implementing Pardot or Marketing Cloud, it is always a good idea to bring someone from Marketing in on requirements gathering calls. Marketing can provide suggestions for fields that may need to be added for future marketing efforts. If you are implementing a marketing tool such as Pardot, your marketing user should be heavily involved and prepare for several hours of training.

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