What Is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

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With every New Year comes new opportunities for reflection, growth, and planning for the year ahead. Salesforce understands this and continues to introduce new features and functionality within the CRM Platform that are scalable for your growing business needs. One core item that has become increasingly more important over the years has been the customer experience. No matter the business or industry, client engagement is a top factor in overall business success. Are you looking for a way to expand your customer relations in 2023?

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud, formerly known as Communities, helps businesses develop deeper connections with their customers. Salesforce has provided companies with the chance to offer their users and guests a fully customizable central hub. Through the Experience Cloud functionality, you can give your customers access to your company portal that houses endless information of your choosing.

Here are some common ways Experience Cloud has been used to benefit customers.

Exposure to Existing Contracts

Through restriction rules, you will be able to grant your customers access to view all executed contracts between both parties. This will allow easy access and navigation for all when needing to review documents.

Visibility into Order History

Customers will be able to log into a portal and have visibility into their previous orders. This gives them the ability to review previous orders and plan for future orders much more efficiently. 

Ability to Submit Cases

Your customers will have the ability to log Cases from within the company portal. From there, you can set up automations and can have your team assist with any issues that are submitted, directly from within the platform. 

Increased Client Communications

Not only will the customer be able to easily access their specific documents and data, they will also be able to more easily interact with members of your staff. Within the portal, your customers will be able to engage with your internal users through Chatter. Communicating through Chatter is convenient as it not only notifies both parties within Salesforce, but it is also linked directly to your email address. This means that you will be able to receive and acknowledge notifications from more than one place. 

Within your Experience Cloud portal, you can provide your customers with access to Contracts, Order History, to Submit Cases, and to Interact with Chatter. Salesforce Experience Cloud also offers Salesforce users the ability to expand their digital footprint, integrate with other systems, customize and mobilize their brand, and so much more.

By giving users access to your company specific portal, you are creating a one-stop-shop that both your customers and internal employees will find useful, and benefit from. This allows them to have a more self-service experience, and one that you can continue to modify and scale to manage changing needs of your business, customers, and internal users.

Below is a Portal and Mobile App of Experience Cloud from Salesforce’s website:

Salesforce Experience Cloud portal

Salesforce Experience Cloud can be customized to fit the needs of your customers and business today and has the infrastructure to support the growing needs for the future.

Have any questions about the Salesforce Experience Cloud? Please contact one of our Salesforce experts at any time!

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