Utilizing Saved Searches to Track Approval Processes in NetSuite

NetSuite has an abundance of helpful tools to view, manage and review large amounts of data within your company. Among those tools includes saved searches. Saved searches are customized requests for data based on specific criteria that allow you to view results as a whole or even drill down into specific records. These searches serve various purposes, from providing one-time results for swift data confirmation to establishing ongoing monitoring processes.

Day-to-day operations of a business, particularly the task of managing a substantial volume of transactions, are incredibly complex. This is why we recommend leveraging saved searches in a way that removes the need to keep track of various records and let NetSuite remember it all for you. One simple use of NetSuite saved searches that we have found to be most useful is tracking items as they move through approval processes.

How Approval Workflow Saved Searches Help

Approval workflow saved searches can be created so you always know where a record is in the approval process as well as what role you play in that process being completed. For example, if you have a workflow that requires journal entries to manually be submitted for approval after being entered, it wouldn’t be uncommon for one to miss the submission step and quickly move on after the record has been created. This is why our Journal Entry Approval Workflow is accompanied by a “Journal Entries to Submit for Approval” saved search.

In addition to submitting transactions for approval, we also regularly create searches for transactions to be approved, and transactions that have been rejected. Each of these searches may be customized to allow the results to return all records that meet these criteria, or only show you the records where you have a required action to take.

All saved searches also have the ability to be set up for reminders. This means that each of these searches may be added to the Reminders portlet on your dashboard for easy notification and access.

Utilizing NetSuite’s saved searches to track approval processes is only a very small piece of this feature’s capability. However, this one use can have a great impact on streamlining operations and make room for you to take on bigger, better tasks.

Have any questions about setting up saved searches in NetSuite? Please reach out to our experts at any time!

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