SonicWALL – Capture Advanced Threat Protection

SonicWALL – Capture Advanced Threat Protection

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Security within the IT infrastructure requires a proactive approach. Every day, more threats and malware that can destroy your business are discovered — how can you best protect yourself? With a Next-Generation firewall from Sikich and our partner, SonicWALL.

SonicWALL has always been strong in incorporating network security into their products. Other than your router, your firewall is usually the last device, or hop, inside your network before getting to the outside or vice versa.

Until recently, Sikich has been deploying these security gateways using SonicWALL’s subscription service, Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS). This suite of security features includes Gateway Anti-Virus (GAV), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Anti Spyware, Application Visualization and Control, and Botnet/GeoIP filtering, along with content filtering. This has been our go-to for years, and it works great at keeping threats and malicious files from getting inside the network. This has been a great step forward in network security for many of our clients.

More recently, SonicWALL began offering their Advanced Gateway Security Suite which includes all the above features PLUS one very important new feature that SonicWALL calls Capture Advanced Threat Protection (Capture ATP). This service identifies previously unknown files and uploads them to SonicWALL’s servers to be opened and inspected for any malicious payloads, to protect users and organizations from zero-day threats. Included file types are PDFs, Office documents, executables and even archive files that are under 10 MB.

Capture ATP reports a verdict back to your SonicWALL firewall – if the file is determined to be malicious, it’s blocked at the perimeter; if it’s clean, it’s allowed through to the end user. Generally, this takes only a few seconds (depending on your Internet speed) and ensures files never get the chance to enter your network until a clean verdict is given. Once a file receives a clean verdict, the firewall remembers it and it is no longer held at the gateway for inspection, but is given immediate access.

How are you protecting your business from zero-day dangers and the latest threats out in the wild?

Contact the Sikich Tech Team to learn more about how we can build a strong partnership together, strengthen, and empower your business and employees by utilizing the latest technology to meet the needs in this rapidly changing culture.

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