Salesforce High Velocity Sales for Inside Sales Reps

Insides sales focuses on selling to prospects and customers from a desk. Insides sales reps do not travel; they instead handle business online or by phone. These sales reps spend around a third of their day selling and spend the rest looking up information, planning their next call, or logging notes. This means reps are often forced to constantly switch between a number of different systems. Such a setup can create high costs for the organization and sacrifice productivity for the sales reps.

Salesforce High Velocity Sales offers a solution for inside sales teams, designed to make the sales process more efficient. This tool is designed to benefit your inside sales reps and managers.

Benefits to Inside Sales Reps

Inside sales representatives are constantly switching from system to system as they work. They make a call in one system while switching to another system to record notes and then to another to find information for a customer. All this back and forth eats up time. High Velocity Sales provides reps a single place for all the tools and information they need in one easily accessible system.

The Salesforce Sales Console is a fully customizable framework that can be tailored specifically to your business. This tool delivers a unified and intuitive sales experience. In one place, a rep can make a phone call, record notes, see marketing engagement history with that client, identify where the lead is in the sales journey, and so much more. High Velocity Sales doesn’t just streamline your sales process for inside sales reps—it makes them smarter.

When you introduce Salesforce Einstein into your sales process, you bring artificial intelligence that

  • lets reps know what the most important tasks are in their to-do list,
  • predicts which leads are most likely to convert to opportunities, and
  • displays intuitive factors behind those scores.

All of this within the Lightning Sales Console framework gives your reps the ability to work faster, smarter, and easier.

Benefits for Sales Managers

Let’s face it; new hires are expensive. It can take months to get a new insides sales rep up to full productivity, and reps only stay in their role for a couple of years. This means time and money are wasted for your organization, but keeping reps in-house for as long as possible can mitigate this risk.

Salesforce High Velocity Sales introduces Sales Cadences that allow sales managers to build their own best practices into Salesforce, so inside sales reps can learn the best steps to take. Sales Cadences create a sales journey and decide the next steps for your insides sales reps to make, whether it’s a phone call or the right email template to continue the customer along the sales path. Sales managers can also create call scripts for their team and deliver them directly in the Sales Console. Managers can build best practices right into Salesforce, optimizing prospecting outcomes. High Velocity Sales allows your new sales reps to quickly onboard and learn the best practices from your sales managers.

High Velocity Sales from Salesforce streamlines your sales process for inside sales and helps deliver best practices to quickly get new inside sales reps up and running all in a high productivity workspace.

If you’d like to learn more about how Salesforce High Velocity Sales can transform productivity for your inside sales reps, contact us at any time!

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