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Salesforce is already one of the best CRM solutions available on the market, but they also offer a Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) solution to make delivering quotes faster, easier, and more efficient. The Salesforce CPQ tool empowers manufacturers to automate their quote to cash processes as well as create a better customer and partner experience.

More specifically, CPQ allows users to formalize rules and pricing, which in turn allows sales to deliver a quote quicker. But there’s always a fine line between getting quotes out more accurately and getting them out more quickly. By defining custom rules for pricing, your organization will be able to deliver the most complex quotes for products both accurately and quickly.

The best part about Salesforce CPQ? You can implement it with the ERP system you’re already using.

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Breaking the Options Barrier

Customers love having options and custom configurations with their product orders. Chances are, the fact that your business offers them in the first place is why your customers are your customers. However, it’s often these options and configurations that slow up the quote calculation process. With Salesforce CPQ, however, your company can specify every possible custom configuration, price, discount, bundle, etc. Therefore, no one in the sales department will have to get back to the customer for the full quote. They will have all the information they need at their fingertips.

By giving the customer a fast quote, your organization will look both efficient and wholly knowledgeable about its products and options. Customers will know, in the future, that if they come back for another product, you will be able to get them a quote in record time.

Break Down Department Silos

Salesforce CPQ also invites collaboration across departments, breaking down those communication silos. The entire company can collaborate on the pricing rules and available configurations.

This prevents sales from promising impossible configurations, because the engineering department has already set what custom configurations are possible and which are not. In addition, the engineers can come up with configurations that sales may not think of. With CPQ available for everyone, there will never be a reason for a breakdown in communication in regards to packages or pricing.

Let Sikich and Salesforce CPQ Set the Standards

Does Salesforce CPQ sound ideal for your organization? Sikich can help you get started. With Sikich handling your install, we can help you:

  • Accelerate the quoting process by offering sales people an easy way to configure complex products.
  • Ensure accuracy by setting up pricing and discount rules with approvals.
  • Configure the guided selling functionality to provide salespeople with a series of business logic questions to reduce errors and meet the customer’s needs quickly. In addition, Sikich can configure the solution to present upsell opportunities at the right time.
  • Expose CPQ functionality via Salesforce Community Cloud to empower the partners in your ecosystem.
  • Integrate Salesforce CPQ with your ERP to eliminate duplicate data entry and lack of visibility across the organization.

Contact us today if you’re ready to get started or if you have any questions!

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