Planning for the Future: ERP Upgrades Matter

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In a perfect world, once you implement ERP software, you don’t have to worry about your centralized business system again. The reality is that an ERP systems need upgrading like any other piece of software. Chances are good that you aren’t driving the same car you did 5 years ago and I highly doubt you are even using the same smartphone you had 2 years ago.  The fact is that technology is not just changing, it’s constantly improving. That means software built even a few years ago starts to age and new versions are needed to take advantage of the incredible new opportunities today. For instance, ERP systems are moving towards mobile solutions to augment the core package. That wasn’t possible even 3 years ago.

Plan for Future Updates to Your ERP System – Today

Whether you are investigating the benefits of ERP software for the first time or have a system in place, it is best to plan for periodic upgrades in software.  Just like you schedule tune-ups for your car, tune-ups are also good for ERP software.

The suite of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solutions is occasionally upgraded to streamline the code, making the software function more efficiently and faster.  Upgrades also include improvements in the functions that you use, so that you are completing same tasks with less work.  The thing about upgrades is, while they bring a host of improvements, fixes and new features, it can take time before employees using the system are totally familiar with what’s new. There can also be slight downtime to the system while the ERP upgrade commits to your system. That’s why it’s extraordinarily important that you have a plan in place for updates.

Generally, creating a plan for downtime — how to minimize it — and training on new features is essential. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but communicating the expected changes and how it will impact day-to-day operations needs is key. All that could be rolled up into a simple company-wide email or phased in with specialized support from your ERP implementation partner.

Additional Benefits of ERP Upgrades

Upgrades are also like spring cleaning for your data.  Before installing the upgrade to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP software, you should perform a backup of the existing data.  You might also sort out old data, archive old records, and optimize the configuration of the database server to get the best performance from your system.  All of this preparation is important to keeping your ERP software running smoothly and at optimal speed.  Once your upgrade is complete, you have an ERP system that works even better than it did before.

Also, ERP system security improvements are generally parts of updates. You don’t need me telling you how many data breaches have happened, you can flip on the news and you’ll likely hear about a new cyberattack. ERP systems house an incredible amount of data that powers your company. Not everybody can afford to recover from the pain of lapses in security and upgrading your ERP system is one of the tools you have control over.

It all comes down to driving to work in a Model-T car and using a rotary-dial phone is inefficient in this modern era, and so is using old software.

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