NetSuite Optimization: Are You Getting the Most Out of NetSuite?

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Imagine you put together a band. You find some talented musicians who can’t wait to join. Exciting, right? The problem is, you can’t figure out a consistent rehearsal time. When you do manage to get together, you spend so much time discussing logistics that there’s hardly any time left for the actual music. And even then, your new bandmates can’t agree on what songs to play. Without a more efficient approach, you’ll be lucky to make it to your first show.

Now think about your NetSuite solution. Is everything running in perfect harmony, or are there opportunities to get more from your software? If NetSuite is a band of talented musicians, NetSuite optimization gives them the freedom to rock.

What Does It Mean to Optimize NetSuite?

NetSuite software optimization involves assessing your NetSuite solution and pinpointing potential areas for improvement.

  • Does your solution run smoothly, or do you often experience interruptions?
  • Is your solution configured to meet all of your current business requirements, or is it out of date?
  • Are your employees able to use NetSuite to work as efficiently and productively as possible, or do they encounter snags that require arduous workarounds?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the features and functionality in the solution that are relevant to your business?

With key opportunities identified, you can then develop a plan to optimize your NetSuite solution in a way that helps you get more from NetSuite and sets your business up for success.

The Benefits of NetSuite Optimization

There are plenty of reasons why a business may want to optimize their NetSuite solution. First, it’s an opportunity to streamline your work processes. NetSuite optimization can automate task flows or reduce manual work, leading to greater efficiency and better overall performance.

That frees up the team for other tasks, and improves the user experience by addressing design and process issues. NetSuite optimization also ensures that you’re not missing out on useful new features and functionality that could solve a pain point or support a growth opportunity.

What Are the Signs You May Need to Optimize NetSuite?

Here are some signs that it’s time for your business to optimize.

You’re getting complaints about the user experience.

If people on your team tend to voice frustration about processes, optimization could be the answer. There’s a good chance that any task that seems too complicated or takes too long can be improved with updates or customizations.

Your team uses too many workarounds.

Much like duct tape on a leaky pipe, software workarounds are meant to be temporary fixes. If you’ve noticed that your team is using unofficial processes to bypass recurring problems, you may want to solve those problems via optimization.

Team members are performing tasks outside of NetSuite.

One example includes team members creating analytics reports outside of NetSuite.

It’s too hard to get the data you need.

NetSuite generates a lot of valuable data that can offer important insights into how your business is operating and where it can improve. However, if your team can’t retrieve said data reliably, its value takes a substantial hit.

You have siloed systems that make visibility across your organization fuzzy at best.

You won’t get the full benefit of your NetSuite solution if your systems aren’t talking to each other. If you are logging into multiple systems or implementing workarounds to consolidate data in an Excel spreadsheet, then it may be time to look at integrating your business-critical solutions. Think of your CRM, procurement platform, spend management, tax and control solutions, and so on. Integrating these solutions will greatly streamline processes and clear up your visibility across your organization.

Your business has changed significantly since implementing NetSuite.

Mergers, acquisitions, new rules and regulations, pivots toward new business models, and any of these events will change a company’s needs. And when a company’s needs change, its NetSuite solution should change accordingly. If your business has experienced any major shifts since its current NetSuite configuration was implemented, optimization can tailor your solution to fit your updated needs.

Your NetSuite Optimization Experts

If your business could benefit from NetSuite optimization, Sikich is here to help guide you. Our expert consultants will analyze your current NetSuite solution, identify any areas in need of improvement and make a plan for implementation. Since 2018, our work has earned four 5 Star Awards from Oracle NetSuite, and in 2022, we were recognized as the North American Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year.

Ready to rock? Learn more about our NetSuite support services or contact our team today.

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