How to Add a Report to VBA in Dynamics GP

There were times when you need to modify a current report in Dynamics GP and add some VBA code to it. When you look at the Tools > Customize menu, you often wonder if you are able to add a current report to Visual Basic. Here you might think that, yeah, this is so not possible. But guess what? This print screen is actually very misleading. Even though you are not able to add the report from here, you can do it somewhere else.

How to Add a Dynamics GP Report to VBA

All you need to do is go to Report Writer and open up your selected modified report. Here my example is using the SOP Long Invoice Form.

How to Add a Dynamics GP Report to VBA

Now go to Tools. From here, you can add your report to Visual Basic by clicking the Add Report to Visual Basic option or pressing Ctrl+ F11.

How to Add a Dynamics GP Report to VBA

Once you do this, you should be able to see your report on the VBA Pane. In this case, you can see my SOP Long Invoice Form on the VBA Pane.

If you would like to add the fields that you would like to modify or manipulate, either Click Shift+ F11 or click on Add Fields to Visual Basic.

Please note that if you do add fields, you will have to go in to each field and add them one by one.

Once you have added the fields. You can see the fields in the drop down in the following example:

How to Add a Dynamics GP Report to VBA

And there it is, now you are ready to code away.

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