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If your organization is outgrowing basic accounting software, now’s the time to act. Gain greater control over your financials, better manage your inventory and operations, and make more informed decisions that can drive continued success.

For over 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has served as a comprehensive, affordable business management solution that is easy to use and quick to implement. Dynamics GP powers small and mid-sized companies around the world. The software offers the familiar user experience of the Microsoft Office suite, improving user adoption and productivity and delivers the core functionality companies portquire to operate effectively.

Dynamics GP not only delivers enhanced financial capabilities to manage your growth, it provides multi-company capabilities, Business Intelligence tools and reporting, Human Resource management, Manufacturing and Supply Chain management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that your company can deploy on-premise or with the Microsoft Azure cloud for a total solution for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage.

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We have helped hundreds of leading companies in the United States and across the globe, implement and support their Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions.

Our  Team

Averaging over seven years of experience, we have some of the best and brightest Dynamics GP consultants in the US, with not only technical expertise, but with deep industry knowledge and experience, to be the trusted advisers you can count on.

We offer end-to-end services for your Dynamics GP system, from implementation, to customization and support, we’re with you every step of the way. Learn more.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Success Story: Roche Brothers

Their own home grown IT systems were showing strain, and Roche Bros. needed a better solution. We were able to transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP and outsource their IT needs for a more seamless technology solution.

“It’s refreshing to have a line item that decreases.”

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Keep Your Organization Competitive by Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP

These innovative solutions allow you to gain detailed information about your organization’s financials and operations, giving you the insight necessary to build your business and improve processes. Discover how you can face your business challenges and reach your long-term goals more easily and in a cost-effective manner by leveraging an industry-specific ERP software solution.

With this enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering, food banks are more appropriately equipped to receive, process and distribute food with different storage requirements. In addition, they can continue to procure large quantities of food from manufacturers, farmers, food drives and more. Find out how Sikich’s ERP Food Bank Management system can help food banks manage and maintain their centers.

  • Dual Check Signatures – Bitmap and Live Signature
  • National Accounts – Sell/Ship to Programs Bill to Agencies
  • Overdue Balances – Automated Hold Notifications ACH – BlackBaud Merchant Services
  • Grants Management
  • TEFAP Program and Food Allocation Management
  • Prior Period Adjustments
  • Batch Credit Memo Creation
  • Donor Management – Distinguish between Donors and Vendors
Credit Card, Payroll and Payables Import Commodity Supplemental Food Program Import Integration with Roadnet – External Routing Tool Integrated with Agency Express Grocery Rescue Import
Food Bank Classifications
  • Defined by Food Bank Codes and Uniform Number Codes Catch Weight Qualifiers
  • Define Items, Agencies/ Programs with Qualifier Freight Bills
  • Allocate Freight Costs to Purchased Item Vendor Catalog
  • Hold Different Prices by Vendor Custom Item Pricing Picking by Warehouse Zone Inventory Sourcing
  • Identify Donated Product as to its Source Inventory Categorization Physical Inventory Cycle Counts RF in the Warehouse
  • Pick, Put-Away, Move and Count Product Assembly Management Lot Level Expiration Management Delivery Charges Donation Pick-Ups
  • Sikich Family Office Management  is a full-featured, fully integrated enterprise financial system for single and multi Family Offices. Deployed either onpremise or cloud-based, Sikich Family Office allows you to manage your family office aspects of financial management, treasury responsibilities, ownership accounting, consolidations, distributions, capital calls, sales and use tax management, tax projections, tax reporting, and flexible performance reporting.

    We offer comprehensive enterprise solutions, specifically configured to meet the needs of  Process Manufacturers to help you easily create a variety of formulas and effectively meet diverse customer requirements. Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics ERP , Vicinity’s extensive formula-based manufacturing software, and our deep industry expertise, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive solution for process manufacturers that automates and integrates critical information along the entire supply chain. Click here to learn more.

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