How Sikich Differentiates as a GP Partner

One of the most common conversations we have on the Dynamics GP team at Sikich is with prospects evaluating us as a potential new GP partner. More and more companies are coming to us looking to get more out of their GP partnership, and we love these new opportunities to help companies get more out of their ERP investment. I have listed three ways that Sikich differentiates as a GP Partner.

Business Process Alignment (BPA)

After an initial introduction we propose a Business Process Alignment (in most cases) to a new potential GP client which includes:

  • learning about their business
  • discussing issues with existing GP Support
  • difficulties with their current system and processes

This gives us a chance to work with this company for an initial project before doing an official change of partnership. It’s a way for both companies (Sikich and prospect) to see if we are compatible in working together before agreeing on an official partnership. During the BPA, we send a consultant onsite for a couple of days to work with the main users and document the client’s existing processes and current issues in their system. This onsite assessment results in a write-up from the GP consultant with the findings on their visit and a full list of recommendations for improvement.

GP Team Structure

We have roughly 25 people that are part of our GP team. Our team is further broken up into smaller specialized teams to provide more efficient support to our clients. These focused teams are compromised of:

  • Dispatchers
  • Help Desk Consultants
  • Financial Consultants
    • Jet Reports Migrations
    • Solver Migrations
  • Distribution/Manufacturing Consultants
  • Integration and Development Consultants
  • Technical Consultants/GP Upgrade Team

Client Account Manager

At Sikich, we assign every client a dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM) to work with them. The CAM is the main point of contact for the client, and if the client is not sure where to go with a GP question, they can always start with their CAM. While clients may work with various GP consultants on different support tickets and project work, the CAM acts as the relationship contact. The CAMs at Sikich create a personal relationship with each account they work with directly. CAMs make in-person visits to clients periodically (depending on Client Preference) throughout the year to make that in-person relationship as well. As a bonus, Sikich provides a non-billable contact, which is always appreciated by our existing clients.

Have any questions about how our GP partnership works? Please contact us at any time!

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