Is Your ERP Making All the Right Plays?

Is your ERP system running as smoothly as the Philadelphia Eagles’ run to the Big Game or does it miss a crucial catch like Tom Brady? Your legacy, on-premise ERP system may be working fine, but your business deserves a system that will go the extra yards, score that touchdown, and continue to do so in the future no matter how much your business fluctuates and grows.

What is a Legacy System?

A legacy system refers to an older computer system or software that has been rendered outdated by recent or upgraded versions. Most of the time, these legacy systems work just fine. However, they no longer have upgrades available to them, which means that if the company changes or grows, the system can’t change or grow along with it.

For this reason, many businesses are switching to cloud-based ERP. With ERP in the cloud, upgrades happen immediately and without the extra licensing costs. There’s no need to purchase a new upgraded version. There’s only one install to purchase and implement and then that’s it as far as upgrades go.

Is Your Legacy ERP Solution Following a Championship-winning Playbook?

Your business may be running just fine on your legacy system. Or maybe your finance department believes you can’t afford such an upgrade at the moment. If that’s the case, the better question to ask is if your business can afford to not upgrade. By not upgrading, your business will lose any and all competitive edge.

Even if you’re dead set right now on keeping your legacy ERP system, run through this playbook infographic below and see if your solution is racking up the big score.

ERP solution playbook infographic

Key components of the ERP Playbook include the following:

Does your current ERP solution have all of these successful plays in its playbook? Is your playbook future-proof for whatever the opposing team tosses your way? Perhaps it’s time to evaluate a new ERP solution with more winning plays. Contact us today to build your own winning ERP playbook and get you to the end zone.

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