How CFOs Can Make the Right ERP Decisions

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ERP systems can provide a clear look into your organization, when it works well. That visibility will allow you to see your customers, suppliers and employees, and lets you respond in a coordinated fashion. It’s a powerful tool that can bring about positive transformation.

The problem is, you can’t flip a switch with any ERP system and reap the rewards. It’s tricky, and the process can be a nightmare if the system isn’t properly implemented or doesn’t fit the needs of your organization. If you’ve uncovered some issues with your current ERP or are starting down the path to implementation, it’s time to start asking questions that will get to an answer.

In this webinar geared for CFOs looking to tackle these problems, we discussed the most pressing issues for making sure ERP decision making goes smoothly. Will a patch or upgrade fix the most pressing issues? Does the ERP system simply need a tune-up? Is it time to get a brand new system? How can you make sure work and productivity are minimally impacted during a period of transition?

We will guide you through the considerations you need to evaluate before replacing or upgrading your current ERP system, including:

  • The options available for upgrading or replacing your ERP system, and how to know if it’s time for a change;
  • The expanding role of the CFO in IT-purchasing decisions;
  • Whom you should talk to before deciding whether to make changes to your current ERP system;
  • Pros and cons of cloud versus on premise strategy;
  • Considerations in mobility solutions and security;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of undertaking a total overhaul of your current ERP system;
  • The questions to ask before upgrading your current technology; and
  • How to develop a detailed plan to ensure that your next ERP project is successful.

Be sure to read the white paper on reducing the risk of ERP implementation. Jim Drumm, partner-in-charge of technology at Sikich, provides insights that help prepare teams to avoid disaster and realize the success of a well-implemented ERP system.

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