7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity in Salesforce

We asked our consultants about their favorite tools to use alongside Salesforce. Here is what they said:

Duplicate Check

The all-in-one solution for de-duplication: find and merge duplicates in and across leads, contacts, accounts and all other (custom) objects. Prevent duplicates on manual entry, import, and API insert. No data transfer; Duplicate Check is 100% native. Find it here on the App Exchange!

Colored Favicon

Overrides the standard salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org. Also, displays a separate icon for sandbox instances. Automatically updates the icon for to display a colored cloud icon based on the current instance. Also, includes a separate icon with an ‘S’ to indicate sandbox instances. Supports both Classic and Lightning Experience! Download to Chrome.

Change Set Helper

Change set with sort, view all, and additional information, such as last modified date. Allows comparison with other orgs. A chrome extension to improve the usability of Salesforce change sets. In addition, Validation Helper, validate your change set in another org directly without uploading or leaving your changeset! You can find it here.


Manage your project effectively and efficiently. See project progress at a glance. A visual way to keep track on project and tasks without effort. Stay on top of your schedule. Stay up to date with your projects to make sure you will meet your deadlines. Collaborate better with your team—share files, ideas, comments, and more to get work done as a team. When you work with Sikich, we will create a Monday board specific to you and your project!

API Fieldnames

Extension shows the API field names on detail pages. Small extension to toggle between API field names and labels on Salesforce detail pages. Great for developers!

Config Workbook

Quickly extract Salesforce metadata in Excel files, ex. Field Level Security, Profile permissions across objects, fields etc, Page Layouts, Permission set assignments, Apex, Visualforce. This is tool very useful to extract the metadata from a Salesforce Org in excel format. Find it on the App Exchange.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Screen Capture full page screenshots. Screen recorder for screencast. Annotate and share to trello/slack etc. Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. Now with free desktop capture! Great for training videos, release updates and more! Add it to Chrome.

Have any questions about Salesforce tools? Please contact our experts at any time!

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