Specialized support for your industry

Sikich offers a formula of professional services uniquely crafted to address your business’s challenges and opportunities in your given industry. Our comprehensive skillsets, obtained over decades of experience as entrepreneurs, business owners and industry innovators, allow us to provide insights and transformative services to help strengthen every dimension of your business.

Some of the Industries we Support


Manufacturers and distributors measure success through three key outcomes – growth, innovation and operational excellence. And although these success criteria remain consistent, the means to attain them are undergoing a transformation.

Construction and Real Estate

While it’s impossible to predict every aspect of the market or economy, Sikich can provide the expertise, software tools and insights to help protect your construction or real estate business so it’s prepared to handle ongoing change.

Life Sciences

As a leading life science technology consultant, we can help you streamline operations and ensure compliance, allowing stakeholders to do what they do best: develop new medicines for patients who need them. Sikich has helped over 100 Life Sciences companies grow from pre-revenue to commercialization quickly and painlessly.


Government agencies experience increasing pressure to be more effective, efficient and transparent. Balancing demands, complex budgets and changing regulations can pose a true challenge.


While not-for-profits today struggle with the mission-driven challenges surrounding their donors, resources, and sustainability, the daily operational requirements remain constant. Sikich focuses on the “business” of your organization so that you can focus on your mission.

Distribution and Supply Chain

You have goals, dreams, and strategic milestones you want to achieve. We offer the supply-chain expertise and targeted technologies to make them possible. Benefit from our experience in hundreds of distribution assessments and successful software projects.

More expertise

We have experts who have decades of experience in other industries than the ones listed above. Contact us and let us know your challenges and we’ll get you in touch with someone with deep industry knowledge.