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Sikich Digital Managed Services is an application maintenance and support ‘as a service’ business model that serves multiple software product lines such as TrackWise®, TrackWise Digital® and Salesforce® spanning the Life Sciences, Consumer Product Goods, and other regulated industries.  

Your mission critical applications are valuable investment assets for your organization. Get the maximum return on those investments by keeping your systems healthy and properly maintained. Sikich Digital Managed Services provide “peace-of-mind” for your system performance.  

With our help, you can implement a program that has predictable spending, performs better, gives you faster response times, reduces risk, cut downtime to remedy application performance when issues arise, all while expanding your organization’s reach.  

Digital Managed Service support solutions are custom-made to manage your unique digital ecosystems. Our goal is to tailor a plan that can include any combination of professional services so that you don’t need to use excess resources on maintenance. 

Benefits of Sikich Digital Managed Service Plans

Reduce Costs / Fill Gaps for Long or Short-Term

Looking to reduce expenses? Supplement your current team efforts and refocus internal resources. Benefit from flexible, right-sized plans as needs evolve.

Re-Prioritize Critical Applications

Are competing priorities getting in the way of application administration efforts for critical applications?

Count on Skilled And Committed Resources

Struggling to find SMEs with domain knowledge and technical expertise to control applications? All Sikich resources have committed backups and delegates to manage our engagements and feature fully accredited administrative and technical IT professionals.

Get Ahead

Clear backlogs of user requests and free up internal resources to tackle new projects.

Vendor Management

Our support experts manage software vendors on your behalf.

Remote Monitoring & Global Support Options

Remote services with access to around-the-clock, global support. Integrate alerts into your response plans.