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When dealing with the complexities of digital investigations, you want to know you have the industry’s most proven professionals in your corner. Sikich’s forensic technology services team has years of experience, providing the specialized expertise to quickly and efficiently image computers, servers, and other data storage devices to allow for both data preservation and analysis.

Sikich also has a nationally recognized and highly respected security breach and hacking incident response team that can quickly uncover the source of the breach, entry points, systems accessed and a follow-up response plan. We not only offer the information and insights to help you fully understand the magnitude of the incident, but also the critical actions that you should take going forward to prevent a similar recurrence.


The following are a few examples of how you can put the expertise of Sikich’s forensic technology services team to work for you.

Email Preservation and Review Example in a Litigation Context

Sikich can identify, preserve and image emails from servers and devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones, while maintaining the appropriate chain of custody to preserve the evidence for use in court proceedings. Once the emails have been preserved and imaged, we can then utilize our data review and analysis capabilities to efficiently search emails based upon dates, subject, sender, recipient, attached files and keywords to identify the key emails needed to support a claim. This service is often utilized with white-collar crime, employment, and misappropriation of trade secrets cases and other intellectual property theft or infringement matters. The email preservation, review, and analysis may help identify the stolen property, the parties involved in the misappropriation, and the motives for doing so.

Computer, Server and Device Imaging in a Fraud Investigation Context

Sikich can quickly and efficiently identify, image and preserve the digital contents of the devices utilized by the key parties subject to an investigation into an alleged financial fraud. This process can be conducted after hours for the parties that are still employed by the company without tipping them off to the investigation. Sikich can image laptops, computers and other devices left by the parties overnight in the workspace. We can then utilize our data review and analysis capabilities to efficiently search the contents of the imaged computers and other devices to obtain key documents, emails and other files pertinent to the investigation.