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Having a well-constructed plan supports your growth projections and puts your business in the best position to deal with buyers.

Our business succession planning experts can help identify and refine growth strategies, uncover and mitigate risk factors, and ascertain opportunities in new or current markets. Sikich advisors can also aid in finding partnerships, merger opportunities or potential acquisition candidates. In addition, our expert tax advisors can implement effective tax strategies to secure more money from your business.

Sikich advisors can guide you through the process of preparing your company for sale, and consequently, will help to capture the most value for your enterprise.

Protecting the Value of Your Business

Once you have a clear picture of what your business is worth, you can begin to look at areas for value enhancement and protection, including:

  • Personal Factors
  • Operational Improvement
  • Industry/Market Factors
  • Legal/Regulatory Demands
  • Financial Details
  • Risk Factors
  • Technology and Security
  • Management Team and Key
  • Employee Planning


Depending upon whether you are looking to retire and transition your business in two years, five years, or more, there are many changes and allocations we can make to maximize your money through tax minimization. Simply put, a solid tax strategy will result in more money to help fund your retirement, or next business venture. Sikich’s impressive team of specialized tax experts can help strategize to allocate both business (transactional) and personal (estate, charitable giving, etc.) components tax efficiently.