Quick Path

Building a Success Story for Succession

Together, we build exit plans, succession strategies and legacies. Sikich works with your business, family, and advisors to create a ‘Client Action Plan’ customized around your unique business situation, and incorporating your lifestyle and financial goals.

We begin the process by performing a comprehensive review of your business and personal situation using our customized assessment workbook. This includes a thorough review and assessment of your personal and business situation, tax situation, value drivers and potential business risks. Based upon this assessment and your goals, we define a Client Action Plan with steps to mitigate risks to the value of your business and personal wealth, as well as ensure your business is prepared for succession. Our team of advisors works with you to execute each phase of the plan, reaching your goals and achieving the financial freedom you desire.

“Tasked with both our personal and business taxes, Sikich has been a valuable resource throughout our business life cycle—from developing a business succession plan for our children to takeover to researching international tax strategies for our global conglomerates. Sikich listened to our challenges and helped us to find thousands of dollars in tax savings. Even though they have the resources of a large firm, they provided the personalized focus of a small, local practice. Every time we have a new question, Sikich gives us the answers.”

Bob & Denise Mantz

Mantz Automation, inc.

Creating your Action Plan

A typical client action plan addresses all the business, personal, financial and tax issues of a privately owned business.

By aligning your personal, financial and business goals, we talk in real terms with you about your vision for your family, your lifestyle, and your future.  Our personal approach will begin with a realistic picture of what your business is worth, and a discussion with you that includes:

  • Do you know what your business is worth?
  • How attractive is your business from a buyer’s point of view?
  • If you received an offer today, are you ready to accept it?
  • What are you doing to mitigate risk?
  • Are you prepared for an unexpected event?
  • Are you focused on creating value or sustaining a lifestyle?
  • Who is a likely successor?
  • What is your timeline?
  • What is next for you in retirement?

A Sikich advisor will help you work through these concerns to develop an action plan.  This usually starts with a valuation for what your business is worth in today’s market.  Next, we begin preparing your company for transition.


While a large portion of the Client Action Plan is dedicated to increasing value, it’s just as important to focus on protecting value, or what we refer to as the mitigation of risk.  As a part of the assessment process, Sikich can draw from the breadth of knowledge and expertise of its diverse consultants to evaluate:

  • Technology – Have you invested in your infrastructure to ensure business continues uninterrupted?
  • Human capital – Are your HR policies allowing you to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, and identify key employees for transition?
  • Long-term viability – Are there risks with your current business plan that should be addressed through innovation or acquisition?
  • Operational efficiency – Have you invested in technology and equipment to ensure your cost of delivery is competitive?