Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Workplace violence prevention Training

Empower your workforce with ongoing training and awareness initiatives to advance a culture of safety and respect.

Your workforce and people leaders can become force-multipliers in prevention and security

Training is essential to establishing and sustaining a safe and thriving workplace – it helps build a strong and supportive culture. Our comprehensive training menu offers opportunities to educate and practice the essential skills of violence prevention, intervention, management and response. The principles we teach foster a common understanding and shared sense of responsibility in preserving physical and psychological safety across the workforce. 


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Empower your workforce with ongoing training and awareness initiatives to advance a culture of safety and respect.

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Ensure you have immediate access to external threat experts in the event emerging or urgent risks extend beyond your internal capabilities.

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Training is available in-person, virtually or online to best fit the needs of your organization. All courses offer opportunities for incorporating your branding, a personal message or video from your CEO or leadership and key content or links from your related policies, programs and resources

Workplace violence prevention fundamentals for the entire workforce

Training your entire workforce on the fundamentals of proactive prevention is critical. An engaged, educated workforce is better prepared to identify and report concerning behaviors and understands that early intervention is a means of support. Our training builds awareness, inspires action and encourages accountability across the organization. 

Workplace violence prevention training for people leaders

Strong leaders are essential to workplace violence prevention. This course prepares leaders across all organizational levels to champion and model behavioral accountability, transparency and trust. Leaders learn how building a culture of support can help employees gain confidence in speaking up. We help your leaders heighten their awareness of work-related and personal stressors that can affect your employees. Training also brings clarity to the duty of leaders to ensure consistency and compliance in responding to disruptive behaviors or reported concerns.  

Behavioral risk management workshop for threat management teams

Threat Management Team members should receive specialized training in the behavioral and psychological aspects of workplace violence, violence risk screening, investigatory and intervention techniques, incident resolution and multi-disciplinary case management. Roles and responsibilities of team members as well as how to handle domestic violence, untreated mental health issues and suicidal ideations will be covered in this valuable training.



active assailant response training for the entire workforce

This course includes but goes beyond the key principles of “run, hide, fight” to provide a potentially life-saving skillset to your workforce should they ever be faced with an attack by an active assailant. Participants learn about situational awareness, the importance of remaining calm and what to expect when police arrive. Lessons learned from past incidents are also presented.


De-Escalation Training

This course will provide valuable skills to assess and defuse a situation before it escalates and reduce the likelihood of violence or injury. Topics include communication theory, early identification of potential problems, interpretation of body language and posture, common emotional or behavioral problems, and effective verbal interactions. The techniques shared are intended to prevent problems from escalating, and to resolve potentially dangerous situations calmly and decisively while maintaining respect for the individual of concern. This training can be customized for security staff, customer-service and public-facing employees, among others.



Media Training

Our team of public relations experts will customize training to instruct your CEO, specific spokespeople, or an entire team, to confidently deliver key talking points and answer tough questions from media reporters or important stakeholders. Training participants will improve their ability to clearly deliver sound bites, learn how to work with reporters, and practice participating in both live and taped interviews.