Workplace Violence Prevention Program Support

Workplace violence prevention program support

Create or reengineer a workplace violence prevention program in alignment with your policies, protocols and capabilities.

An active and visible commitment to violence prevention creates more resilient and healthy workplaces

Whether you are establishing, improving or reviving a prevention program, engaging the support of external violence risk management experts is a universal best practice recommendation. The Sikich workforce risk management team brings proven experience in supporting organizations of every size and scope. We employ a flexible and adaptable framework to help you create safe work environments free from violence, harassment, intimidation and other disruptive behavior.

Proactive prevention programs embed a common understanding of the full scope and impacts of violence in the workplace. Promote a shared responsibility in addressing concerns and engaging support at the earliest possible opportunity, well before a problem escalates to violence. Establish safe reporting options and cross-functional threat assessment teams. Focus on a positive and supportive workplace culture. And prepare for potential acts through practiced incident and post-incident response.


Create or reengineer a workplace violence prevention program in alignment with your policies, protocols and capabilities. Learn More

Empower your workforce with ongoing training and awareness initiatives to advance a culture of safety and respect.

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Ensure you have immediate access to external threat experts in the event emerging or urgent risks extend beyond your internal capabilities.

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The benefit of your investment in workplace violence prevention and intervention extends beyond increased reporting of misconduct resulting in a safer workplace. An improved culture of trust and transparency also results in reduced turnover, employees willing to go above and beyond, higher quality work and better financial performance for the company.

Workplace violence prevention needs assessment

Before developing or improving your program, it’s critical to conduct a thorough evaluation of existing capabilities and resources. Our assessments include these key steps:

  • Gather input from key stakeholders throughout the organization – including HR, Security, Legal, Facilities, Marketing, Ethics and Compliance and Leadership
  • Evaluate current policies, procedures, training, reporting options, case management, program monitoring, media/social media relations practices, crisis communications and other factors
  • Review employment screening techniques
  • Review your worksite security posture
  • Assess strengths and potential resources including external partners
  • Recommend improvements and prioritize next steps

Workforce perception surveys

It is commonly acknowledged that concerning behaviors are vastly underreported. Taking the time to survey your workforce anonymously gathers critical, oftentimes surprising, insight into their challenges and perceptions as well as incidents of which the organization may not be aware. At the same time, employee awareness of current security measures, communication practices, and overall workplace culture can be assessed.

Workplace violence prevention Program Development

Emerging from the findings of the workplace violence prevention needs assessment combined with the guidance from our team of experts, we:

  • Build a company-specific program that takes into account the mission and culture of your organization
  • Draft new or enhanced policy language
  • Factor in legal, compliance and privacy issues
  • Recommend reporting and case management tools
  • Provide best practices for forming a cross-functional threat management team
  • Create a crisis communication plan with sample talking points and protocols with guidance for interacting with internal and external stakeholders
  • Establish a tiered incident response protocol
  • Suggest post-incident actions to ensure business continuity


Internal threat management teams (TMT) are viewed as a vital component of active violence prevention, management and response. In fact, OSHA, ASIS and others recommend – in some cases require – that internal TMTs be part of workplace violence prevention policies and programs. When a threat or act of harm is reported, the TMT takes on the crucial role of assessing the level of risk and recommending an appropriate plan of action. Sikich Workforce Risk Management advisors can help establish and prepare this specialized team. We’ll identify integral members across internal organizational functions – security, marketing, HR, legal and others; define roles, responsibilities and procedures; document a tiered response protocol and align external support resources for mitigating risks, communicating clearly with all stakeholders, reducing business disruption and maintaining trust and assurance in a system of prevention and support.

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