The Untold Secret to Mastering
Your D365 Implementation

With an ERP Implementation Project Plan template

According to Gartner, 75% of ERP projects fail.  But with good planning and strong process organization, the most common pitfalls can be avoided.

Specifically made for companies interested in Dynamics 365, this comprehensive guide delivers expert advice from seasoned experts to help you reduce costs and lay the foundation for a successful project.

Eight D365 experts weigh in on how to realize a successful project.


What You Can Expect

All the information you need to help you lay a successful foundation for your new project.

just starting to plan for a new microsoft erp?

1.1 Introduction
1.2. Which Microsoft ERP is Right for You?
1.3 Organizing Your Selection Team
1.4 Partner Selection Criteria
1.5 Tacking Stock
1.6 Before Metrics
1.7 Preparing the Business Case
1.8 Change Management Planning
1.9 Cloud Readiness Assessment

Decided on where Next and preparing for a project?

2.1 Project Organization
2.2 Tech Readiness Evaluation
2.3 Working Out Your License Requirements
2.4 Business Intelligence /  AI Planning
2.5 Security Assessment
2.6 Data Migration Readiness
2.7 Business Process Documentation
2.8 Application Training

Are you ready for these changing times?

Have confidence with a rock solid ERP implementation project plan template

Everything is different –your employees are working from home, they need access to all their systems, you need clear processes, and the line between work and private life is blurring. Customer demands are changing, your supply chain is being disrupted, and more. With a cloud ERP system, you can maintain operations as usual and be ready to take on the next phase in our new normal.