Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint is not a software program, per se, but a platform of applications that allows employees to work, share, and collaborate on a wide variety of devices. For remote workers, the end game is to foster the same sense of fluidity and coordination one would find in an office environment.

The majority of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. A vault of business documents that employees can securely access anywhere. Collaboration never felt so good.


With over 20 years experience, Sikich has the expertise and skill set to help you maximize your investment in SharePoint to:

  • Share and manage content
  • Empower teamwork
  • Quickly find information
  • Easily collaborate across the organization
sharepoint case study


The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta needed a simple way to collaborate across the various clubs in their region seamlessly, instantly, and easily. Thanks to SharePoint, they are able to do just that with their Office 365 products they already had in place.


SharePoint empowers teamwork with dynamic project management sites for every project team, department, and division. With SharePoint, users can easily and seamlessly share files, data, news, and resources. Each individual project site can be customized to streamline your team’s work. If you need to collaborate with vendors, customers, or anyone else outside of the organization, SharePoint makes this possible as well. It doesn’t even matter if everyone is using the same platform, no matter if it’s PC, Mac, or mobile.


Making decisions faster and staying in contact are critical for making any organization more effective. Your ability to access information on the go is now a workplace necessity.

SharePoint Server 2016 makes file storage and document collaboration more people-centric, with touch-based experiences across devices and improved mobile access to content, people, and applications.


Ever changing business conditions require you to be agile, and that means investing in solutions that provide reliability and choice. SharePoint Server 2016 provides the flexibility to tailor deployments based on your unique business needs.


Data loss is non-negotiable, and overexposure to information can have legal and compliance implications. SharePoint Server 2016 provides a broad array of features and capabilities to help ensure that sensitive information remains safe and the right people have access to the right information, at the right time.

“Sikich went above and beyond expectations. The team quickly understood our vision and where we wanted to take things. They supported us. They have the rare combination of being very technically capable, very personable and could articulate well to support those that don’t have that level of knowledge.”

Ken Collins, Chief Administrative Office of the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

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